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Opera TV Certification program

Develop and deploy certified TV applications on tens of millions Opera TV-powered devices.

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Opera TV

Simplifying the connected TV world by providing a turn-key solution that connects consumers to the content they love.

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Opera TV Store

Opera TV 

By 2017, more than two billion devices will be able to connect with TV and over 80% of all TVs sold will be internet enabled. We are helping our customers, including Samsung, Sony, Swisscom, TCL and TiVo, to take advantage of this opportunity by rapidly launching their TV services on to tens of millions of connected devices through content-rich, web-style apps. We offer the benefits of a lean and flexible business model that can overcome the increasing challenges and costs of a complex OTT marketplace. As experts in developing browsers, we are able to provide our customers with the tools they need to create the best web TV experiences to connect their users with the content they love. With 14 years experience in the TV arena, we have the know-how to push technical boundaries and create a portfolio of market-leading products that bring personalized, premium-quality content to global audiences, regardless of device type.

Opera TV Store

A HTML5-based storefront of exciting web apps optimized for TV. Opera TV Store apps run from the cloud and suit any screen size or resolution.

Opera Devices SDK

An extensible TV platform that enables OEMs to build HTML5 and CE-HTML rendering, together with adaptive streaming and HbbTV capabilities, into their devices.

Opera TV Snap

An industry-first, end-to-end solution that allows content publishers to create and submit a Smart TV app into the Opera TV Store quickly and easily, for free.

Certification Program

The program by Opera TV, the world's largest HTML5-powered TV ecosystem, is a first-of-its-kind program designed to solve one of the biggest challenges facing OTT application developers and OEMs.

Opera TV Developer tools

Allows web developers to test HTML5 and CE-HTML content for TVs and other appliances running the Opera Devices SDK, as well as HTML-based apps for the Opera TV Store.

Opera TV browser

A browser that delivers a superior user experience to the TV screen, giving users the full internet on their TVs.