TIM & Opera Subscription Mobile Store

TIM Brazil & Opera Subscription Mobile Store

TIM BRAZIL and the Opera Subscription Mobile Store 

Opera Software and TIM Brazil have been working together since 2010 to bring the full web experience to TIM Brazil customers through the Navegador TIM mobile browser, based on Opera Mini. 


In early 2013, TIM Brazil and Opera joined forces again to launch the TIM App Shop, the operator’s branded version of the Opera Mobile Store. In March 2014, the companies introduced a subscription- based “all-you-can-eat” premium app store model to TIM App Shop. Now, TIM Brazil’s customers can download all the premium apps they desire, for a small weekly fee. 

Opera Software and TIM Brazil: Bringing premium apps to Brazilian consumers, at prices they can afford 

With one of the world’s largest populations and a mobile penetration rate of 136%, the potential for converting mobile users to mobile internet users is huge in Brazil, yet only approximately half of the country’s population (108 million) accessed the internet at all in June 2014, with 23% of them accessing it via their mobile phones. Since late 2010, TIM Brazil has been offering Navegador TIM, a co-branded version of the Opera Mini web browser, to its customers both as a free download or preinstalled on a range of TIM Brazil handsets. Navegador TIM provides the operator’s users with a faster, more affordable mobile-browsing experience, due to the advanced compression technology that comes as a key feature within Opera Mini. Today, TIM Brazil’s Opera Mini users represent over 20% of the total Opera Mini user base in Brazil.

SMART is the Philippines’ largest telecom operator with over 50 million mobile subscribers and is one of Opera Software’s key partners in Southeast Asia. SMART’s partnership with Opera Software allows it to use Opera Mini as a driver to increase user numbers and gain higher data revenue from mobile internet use. Because mobile internet growth in the Philippines is coming in large part from young adults in middle- to upper-class households, SMART correlated tastes and trends popular among this demographic to better target this part of the market. In looking at Opera Software’s previous success helping other mobile-network operators to launch campaigns that used attractive incentives to encourage data use (such as BMW Mini Cooper automobile giveaways tied to mobile browsing habits), SMART decided to replicate this success in the Philippines.

Introducing the TIM App Shop to Brazilian consumers in 2013 provided TIM with a new way to attract users to the mobile internet and to data plans, by giving consumers access to TIM Brazil’s own branded app marketplace. Then, in early 2014, TIM Brazil and Opera took TIM App Shop to the next level by introducing an “all-you-can-eat” subscription model. Here users could download all the premium apps they wanted for an entire week for a small fixed fee, no matter what platform they were on (Android, Java, Symbian, BlackBerry, etc.). The first week was free of charge, giving customers more incentive to try it out. By allowing users to download anything and everything from the TIM App Shop’s thousands of premium apps and games at no charge for the first week, consumers were given a taster. If they didn’t like it, they could easily stop their subscriptions at any time. Yet with new games and apps constantly being added to the store every week, and with the possibility of adding their weekly subscription to their mobile bill (removing the need for a credit card), TIM App Shop subscribers kept coming back for more.

TIM Brazil set the following goals for the TIM App Shop campaign:

  • Boost awareness and interest around the store.
  • Drive subscriptions to the TIM App Shop and download of
  • apps and games.
  • Turn “free” app and game users into long-term paying users.

Creating a buzz

To boost awareness, interest and usage of the TIM App Shop, TIM Brazil and Opera carried out the following marketing and promotional tactics:

  • Promotion via Opera Mini’s built-in promotional real estate— Speed Dial, banners and onboarding pages— which provided users with a direct link to a campaign page, from which users could access the TIM App Shop and download all the premium apps they wanted for free, for seven days. This real estate was updated regularly.
  • Frequent SMS and Smart Message pushes went out to existing online and offline TIM Brazil users.
  • TIM featured TIM App Shop within its mobile and web portals.
  • TIM engaged in cross-selling / up-selling of TIM App Shop subscriptions with other TIM services such as voice mail and SMS notifications.
  • TIM integrated the offer of TIM App Shop subscriptions with its outcall marketing campaigns.
TIM Brazil & Opera Subscription Mobile Store

Campaign results

By providing consumers with unlimited access to download as many premium apps as they wished from the thousands of apps available in the TIM App Shop, TIM Brazil was able to entice consumers to increase their internet usage from their mobile devices and to buy new weekly subscription packages — and to keep coming back for more, week after week.
The results are impressive, with an average increase of 42% in the number of monthly active subscribers and a 38% monthly increase in total revenue over the 6 months ending in November 2014. More importantly, user retention remains high after the free trial period has ended, with 88% continuing their weekly subscriptions, with an average subscriber lifetime of 8 weeks.


The Opera Subscription Mobile Store allows mobile operators to set up their own cross-platform “all-you-can-eat” subscription-based app stores, using an operator-branded version of Opera Software’s consumer-focused Opera Mobile Store. Consumers pay a small weekly fee to download as many premium apps and games as they desire, no matter what platform they are on (Android, Java, Symbian, BlackBerry, etc.). After the trial period is over, consumers tend to keep coming back for more, due to the always-fresh content from over 40,000 app developers, providing operators with the opportunity to turn these trial users into paying users.
Interested in hearing more about how you can get your own branded mobile app store with the Opera Subscription Mobile Store?
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