TIM, Buscapé and Sponsored Web Pass

TIM Brazil, Buscapé and Sponsored Web Pass

TIM BRAZIL, Buscapé and Sponsored Web Pass

Opera Software and TIM Brazil have been working together since 2010 to bring the full web experience to TIM Brazil customers through the Navegador TIM mobile browser, powered by Opera Mini. 


TIM Brazil were pioneers in the Brazillian market by offering easy-to-understand, low-cost internet packages that allow users to get online from their mobile phones. Now, TIM Brazil have become pioneers again by extending this offer to include “free Internet for a day” by allowing brands to sponsor daily internet passes to end users. This solution is enabled by Opera’s Sponsored Web Pass platform.

Opera Software, TIM Brazil and Buscapé: Delivering no-cost internet access to consumers in Brazil

TIM Brazil were pioneers in the Brazillian market with their easy-to-understand internet packages such as “one day of unlimited internet for a fixed price” to help new users understand data plans and what the mobile internet can offer. In 2014, TIM teamed up with Opera to offer “free Internet for a day” by allowing brands to sponsor daily internet passes to end users. Opera immediately engaged with Buscapé — Brazil’s most popular comparison shopping site — to deliver the first no-cost, zero-risk sponsored package for mobile internet to TIM Brazil’s customers, with the cost of these packages sponsored by Buscapé.

By sponsoring the cost of consumers’ internet use for an entire day, Buscapé was able to get its brand in front of TIM’s custom- ers in an extremely positive light — providing consumers with free access to the internet, as well as obtaining email leads at an extremely competitive cost per lead. To start using the free daily pass, consumers had only to click on the Speed Dial promotional link within Navegador TIM, which is powered by Opera Mini, from which they were brought to an onboarding page and asked to submit their email address.

After submitting a valid email address, consumers were allowed to browse the full internet free of charge for an entire day and received an extra bonus from TIM Brazil of RS1,00 in credit towards voice, SMS and other services, sponsored by Buscapé. By giving users a free taste of the internet and then presenting these users with easy-to-understand, afford- able mobile internet packages after the sponsored pass expired, TIM Brazil was able to retain these new mobile internet users and turn them into paying mobile-data subscribers.

TIM Brazil set the following goals for the Buscapé Sponsored Web Pass campaign:

  • Pioneer of sponsored web passes in the Brazillian market.
  • Create awareness and interest around Sponsored Web Pass and mobile internet usage.
  • Drive download of apps and games.
  • Retain new mobile internet users and turn them into paying mobile-data subscribers.
  • Implement an engaging and innovative mobile campaign. 
  • Boost brand awareness.
  • Generate email leads.
  • Drive download of the Buscapé app.

Creating a buzz

To boost awareness and interest around the Buscapé Sponsored Web Pass, TIM Brazil and Opera carried out the following promotional tactics:

  • Promotion via Opera Mini’s built-in promotional real estate — Speed Dial, banners and onboarding pages — provided users with a direct link to a campaign page, from which users could access the “free internet for a day” web pass sponsored by Buscapé.
  • The onboarding page provided information to the consumer about the “free Internet for a day” offer sponsored by Buscapé, as well as an extra bonus from TIM Brazil of RS1.00 in credit towards voice, SMS and other services.
  • When users signed up to the offer by providing their email addresses, they could avail of a free day of surfing the internet from their mobile phones. Throughout the day, users were presented with ad interstitials from Buscapé promoting download of the Buscapé app. Users were also shown a survey asking if they already had the Buscapé app installed on their phones.

Campaign results

After the 24 hour period for the Sponsored Web Pass was over, consumers were presented with the possibility to purchase affordable web passes to continue browsing from their mobile phones, giving TIM Brazil the opportunity to turn these “free one- day internet” users into paying mobile-data users. By sponsoring “free one-day internet” web passes, Buscapé was able to promote its brand in an inconspicuous way, while building email leads, in addition to associating itself with something extremely positive in the eyes of the consumer — free access to the internet.

TIM Brazil, Buscapé and Sponsored Web Pass


Opera’s Sponsored Web Pass makes it possible for operators to join forces with advertisers and content providers in a mutually beneficial partnership. Advertisers can benefit from an increase in brand awareness, access to relevant information about their end users and generation of leads at a competitive cost per lead in comparison to other lead-generation campaigns available to them in the market and operators are able to attract new mobile-data users and increase their revenues from data services by participating in ad- revenue monetization.

Interested in learning more about how you can team up with local partners to offer your customers sponsored internet access with Sponsored Web Pass from Opera? Check out: www.operasoftware.com/products/operators/sponsored-web-pass.

Download the pdf file here.