DiGi Malaysia and Opera Web Pass

Opera Web Pass DiGi

DiGi Malaysia and Opera Web Pass

DiGi is one of the largest mobile operators in Malaysia and part of the global telecommunications provider Telenor Group.As part of its strategy of making the mobile internet accessible to everyone, regardless of mobile phone or platform used, DiGi teamed up with Opera Software to provide its customers with a more affordable and easier way to access the internet with mobile phones, through the popular Opera Mini browser.


In September 2012, DiGi launched the DiGiLive Web Pass, targeting users who wished to access the internet on their mobile phones without incurring huge internet charges.

Opera Software and DiGi: Breaking down mobile internet access barriers

DiGi and Opera Software first joined forces in May 2011 to launch a co-branded version of Opera Mini. Results were almost immediate, with significant user and traffic growth being recorded over the preceding months, and, by the end of 2013, DiGi ́s market share in Malaysia in terms of Opera Mini users had grown from 32% to 38%.

DiGi is constantly seeking ways to improve the mobile internet experience for its customers. By leveraging the existing capabilities of the Opera Mini platform and Opera Software ́s new product offering, Opera Web Pass, DiGi was able to offer its customers easy-to-understand, relevant mobile internet packages at afford- able prices.

DiGi set out to achieve the following goals:

  • Create mobile internet awareness among its user base.
  • Make it exceptionally easy to sign up for data services. 
  • Experiment quickly with various packages, pricing and promotions.
  • Turn first-time users who try internet services at a subsidized price into long-term paying customers, thereby increasing data ARPU.
  • Encourage repeat usage of mobile internet services.


DiGi was very successful in achieving its goals within a very short time span by using Opera Web Pass.

Achievements including the following:

  • Distribution of over 4.6 million free and paid web passes to its user base.
  • A very low checkout-abandonment rate and an overall check- out success rate of 85%+ among users with sufficient funds, due to a highly desired product and a streamlined checkout process.
  • Easy setup and teardown of promotions such as a free Facebook Hourly Pass and a free 1-hour Twitter Pass over a limited time, due to the quick and easy configuration capabilities for packaging, pricing and promotion.
  • Up to 52% of the users who bought a web pass are repeating one or more web pass purchases within the same month.

Opera Software and DiGi: Lessons for marketing easy mobile web access

To drive interest in its new mobile internet services, increase its subscription base and, in turn, increase the number of people accessing the internet from mobile phones in Malaysia, DiGi carried out the following marketing and promotions:

  • Giveaways of unlimited daily packages for free in late 2012.
  • Facebook promotion that offered 1 hour of free Facebook access for the entire month of January 2013.
  • SMS-push campaign to existing DiGi data users.
  • A free, one-day web pass campaign on DiGi day, promoted via Opera Mini’s Speed Dial, the dual-feature box and a Smart Page text link.
  • 2 full days of unlimited internet for the price of 1 day (at a cost of 1RM)
  • DiGi monitored the effect of these campaigns to evaluate which campaigns worked, which, in turn, gave them huge flexibility in price optimization, as well as a shorter go-to-market timeline.

Results to date

By incentivizing use through a free Facebook hourly web pass for the entire month of January 2013, DiGi managed to increase the uptake of paid web passes significantly after the promotional period was over. This resulted in a 65% increase of average number of transactions per day and a 56% increase in average revenue per day.

Strong growth

Since launching in September 2012, over 4.6 million free and paid packages have been distributed.

High retention rate

DiGi has found that up to 52% of the users who bought a web pass are repeating this process one or more times a month.

Facebook on top

The most popular paid web pass was the Daily Facebook pass.

Frictionless purchase

Over 85% of users who started the checkout process to purchase a web pass, and had sufficient funds to purchase the product, successfully completed the process.

Opera Web Pass DiGi


By packaging the internet in a straightforward and affordable way, DiGi has been able to lower entry barriers for new users significantly, while increasing mobile internet usage and retention among its existing customer base.

Going forward, by using the market intelligence and analysis provided by the Opera Vending Platform, DiGi has the flexibility to optimize its web pass campaigns easily, allowing them to segment and target its user base more efficiently with tailored web pass offerings, thus improving the overall user satisfaction and profitability.

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