Industry insight from Opera

Every month Opera conducts the definitive analysis of the key trends affecting the mobile Web worldwide. We publish these findings as the State of the Mobile Web. Each report provides the most frequently visited sites, key data metrics from Opera Mini and Opera Mobile and a snapshot of a specific trend chosen by the analysis team that month.

April 2014

A change in the State of Mobile Web report. Read more.


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About Opera’s mobile portfolio

Opera is reinventing the Web for connected devices. Our mobile browsers, Coast, Opera Mini and Opera for Smartphones, set the standard for mobile Web browsing.

Hundreds of millions of people have discovered how Opera Mini can revolutionize their mobile Web experience. Opera Mobile has been repeatedly selected by leading carriers and manufacturers that want to deliver the best Web experience to their customers. 

About the report & methodology

Information contained in this report is based on aggregated information obtained from Opera Mini servers. The security and privacy of people who use Opera Mini is of paramount importance and we safeguard the trust they give us. Our privacy policy is available here.

The data presented in the “Growth” part represents people who have downloaded Opera Mini. Those numbers do not reflect users of operator pre-installed versions of Opera Mini.

Countries selected for this report are the top 10 Opera Mini countries by usage. Subsequent reports will include updates for these countries as well as different regions around the world.

All content analysis is based on a review of the Top 100 sites ranked according to page views in each country. The designation of sites to specific categories has been done with local content experts who followed Opera’s guidelines to characterize each site.

Demographic data was collected from voluntary user surveys that were made available to a random subset of Opera Mini users, via their handsets, in English, Russian, Chinese, German and Polish. Surveys responses were collected between February 2008 and June 2008.

Due to the explicit and potentially offensive nature of their contents, adults-only sites have been excluded from our analysis.

Opera and the mobile world

Opera first developed a mobile browser in 1998. Since then, we’ve been at the forefront of enabling a full Web experience on mobile phones. In 2005, we released Opera Mini, the first browser that could work on any phone with Java. Regardless of the hardware on the phone, Opera Mini is able to bring the full Web to many millions of people, some who otherwise would not be able to access it.