Industry insight from Opera Mediaworks

Each quarter, Opera Mediaworks conducts a definitive analysis of the key trends in mobile advertising worldwide. We publish these findings as the State of Mobile Advertising report. Each report provides key data metrics and trends based on the world's leading mobile ad platform, serving more than 13,000 sites and applications, with more than 60 billion ad impressions per month reaching 300 million global consumers.

Q2 2013

In this State of Mobile Advertising report, we continue to share data around global mobile ad traffic and monetization by device, geography and publisher category – with some additional insights into trends in these areas that have emerged in the past year. This includes the Apple vs. Samsung battle for mobile traffic, seasonality in the American market and mobile ad benchmarks and most effective ad types. Read on...

Special Edition: Brazil

This special edition of the State of Mobile Advertising report focuses on the mobile advertising market in Brazil, which is consistently one of our top markets in South America. In this report, based on data gathered from the Opera Mediaworks mobile ad platform during April and May 2013, we explore the emergence of Android as a leader, high volume consumption of Music, Video & Media content and the market's strong affinity to social-networking sites and apps and the mobile app store. Read on...

Q1 2013

In this State of Mobile Advertising report, we provide our usual insights to mobile ad monetization by device, geography and publisher category, based on data from the Opera Mediaworks mobile ad platform during the first quarter of 2013. However, we also highlight three important drivers of the mobile advertising market: the competition between iOS and Android, the growth of international mobile ad markets and the importance of "intelligent prioritization" for advertisers. Read on...

About Opera Mediaworks

Opera Mediaworks is the world's leading mobile advertising platform, helping to power the global mobile economy. We improve efficiency, through technology, innovation, transparency and trust, to create an open and vibrant marketplace for publishers and advertisers across the globe. Opera Mediaworks includes AdMarvel, an ad-serving and mediation platform; Mobile Theory, a premium mobile ad network in the US; and 4th Screen Advertising Ltd., a premium ad network in the United Kingdom. Also included are impressions served within Opera mobile properties, including the Opera Mini Smart Page and the Opera Mobile Store. Opera Mediaworks is a member of the Opera Software family of companies.

About the report & methodology

Information contained in this report is based on aggregated information obtained from the Opera Mobile Ad Platform and Opera Mobile Ad Exchange servers. The data presented represents traffic and monetization metrics and statistics compiled across multiple advertising campaigns delivered by us to our mobile publisher customers. The data includes ads requested from and delivered by us on behalf of multiple ad networks as well as directly sold campaigns created by our customers themselves.

Country-level details are based on IP addresses of the originating ad requests as forwarded to us by our mobile publisher/app developer customers. Device details are similarly based on device user agents provided by these same customers.