Opera Web Pass

Opera Web Pass

Mobile internet made easy

Opera Web Pass allows operators to package their mobile internet offerings in flexible, easy-to-understand and marketable ways to their customers and move beyond confusing, megabyte-based data plans, which have created barriers for consumers who simply want to get online with their mobile phones.

Operators are even able to easily team up with brands in their local markets to sponsor the full cost of customers’ mobile internet access and provide users with free mobile data, thanks to Opera’s Sponsored Web Pass. These innovations are a huge leap forward in helping operators around the world bring the next billion internet users online, while offering simple, flexible and revenue-generating data packages that their customers love.

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Offer 1-click data plans

Opera Web Pass lets operators offer data plans to their entire user base quickly and easily. It uses the capabilities of the Opera Mini platform, such as data compression and the zero-rating of mobile traffic, to create compelling new offers for customers.


Relevant, timely, affordable

Opera Web Pass allows your customers to enjoy the internet when and where they need it, with easy to understand data plans, at prices they can afford.

Opera Web Pass

Sponsored internet access

Sponsored Web Pass makes it easy for operators to team up with brands to sponsor the cost of customers’ mobile internet access. Brands now can easily reach new users by providing something extremely valuable to consumers: free internet access. It’s all powered through Opera Mini’s advanced compression and zero-rating capabilities, a combination that makes brands, operators and their consumers very happy.

Opera Web Pass

Upgrade from free to paid

Operators can use the incentive of free or sponsored passes to turn first-time users into long-term paying mobile internet users. Opera Web Pass makes it easy to bring on new data customers by offering users understandable and affordable paid packages to continue their web browsing and to keep them surfing long after their free packages have expired.

How Opera Web Pass works.



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Opera Web Pass
Allows operators to package time or site specific, easy-to-understand mobile internet offerings to their users.

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Opera Sponsored Web Pass

Opera Sponsored Web Pass
Enables operators to partner with local brands to sponsor no-cost internet access for their customers - generating new revenues in the process.

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Case studies

Opera Web Pass Mobilink

Mobilink and Opera Web Pass
Since 2011 Mobilink has been providing a co-branded version of Opera Mini to its users in Pakistan. In 2014, Mobilink launched Mobilink Web Pass, allowing them to offer their users affordable, easy-to-understand mobile internet packages.


DiGi case study image

DiGi and Opera Web Pass
DiGi teamed up with Opera Software to provide its customers with a more affordable and easier way to access the internet with mobile phones, using Opera Mini. DiGi launched the DiGiLive Web Pass, targeting users who wished to access the internet on their mobile phones without incurring huge internet charges.