Product Description

Operators can now move beyond confusing, megabyte-based data plans, which have created barriers for consumers who simply want to get online with their mobile phones. Opera Web Pass allows operators to package their mobile internet offerings in flexible, easy-to-understand and marketable ways to their customers. With Opera Web Pass, operators can now create mobile internet offerings that are the most user-friendly for their markets — whether they be time-based, content-based or some combination of the two.


Opera Web Pass on phone

Examples might include a week-long pass to a popular app, or even a 1-day pass for unlimited mobile web browsing.


By taking advantage of the existing capabilities of the Opera Mini platform, Opera Web Pass provides operators with a scalable solution to provide cost-effective data bundles that match their users’ needs. With minimal integration work (simple support for Opera Mini zero rating, third-party billing and header forwarding), an operator can now deploy tailor-made mobile internet packages to their entire user base easily and quickly.

Operators also now have the option to provide Sponsored Web Pass to their customers. Sponsored Web Pass enables operators to easily team up with advertisers to sponsor the cost of customers' mobile internet access, providing users with free mobile data.

All the user has to do is to is watch a short advertisement from the sponsor before continuing to their content, similar to the way an ad from a sponsor airs before the start of a TV program. Users are then free to engage with the content in their Web Pass for its entire duration. Opera’s Sponsored Web Pass now allows operators to increase their revenues from data services by enabling their participation in ad revenue monetization.




Example of how a Sponsored Web Pass would work.


Product Sheet

Opera Web Pass product sheet

Opera Web Pass
Allows operators to package time or site specific, easy-to-understand mobile internet offerings to their users.


Case Studies

DiGi case study image

DiGi and Opera Web Pass
DiGi teamed up with Opera Software to provide its customers with a more affordable and easier way to access the internet with mobile phones, using Opera Mini. DiGi launched the DiGiLive Web Pass, targeting users who wished to access the internet on their mobile phones without incurring huge internet charges.