Opera TV Snap

Opera TV Snap

Get your online video content onto Smart TVs in a snap at no cost and with minumum effort.

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Opera TV Snap

The easiest way to get your online video content onto Smart TVs

Opera TV Snap is an industry-first, end-to-end solution that allows content publishers to create and submit a Smart TV app into the Opera TV Store quickly and easily, for free.

Opera TV Snap

Hassle-free video loading

There's no need to worry about manually uploading all of your online videos to the Opera TV Store. Opera TV Snap dynamically loads all the videos from your online video catalog into your new Smart TV app.

Opera TV Snap

Keep your brand in front

You can ensure your branding is always visible by including a customized background and your company logo as part of your TV app.

Opera TV Snap

Lean-back experience

The Opera TV Store makes it easy for users to navigate, select and launch apps using a standard TV remote control, with easy-to-discover categorization of content.

Opera TV Snap

Monetize your content

You can easily earn money from your content by displaying pre- & post-roll advertisements within your TV app, using your existing or Opera Mediaworks' advertising solution.

Know your audience

With access to Opera's own analytics portal (available on request), you can find out more about the people viewing your content, with detailed statistics to help you measure and manage your TV app.

See the action, live

Opera TV Snap also supports live-TV streaming, making it possible for you to get your online live-TV-streaming video channel onto the biggest screen in the home.


These tools help you create web content for TV, build your own Opera TV Store apps and easily develop, debug and test them:







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