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Opera TV browser

The best internet browsing experience on the TV screen, leveraging the power of today’s connected TVs.

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Opera TV browser

Opera TV browser

Television is experiencing a fundamental shift from being used solely as an entertainment medium for watching TV programs to becoming something more — allowing users to browse the internet on TV and via set-top boxes while watching their favorite programs. 

This shift represents the content-driven world we live in today, with users demanding access to online content wherever and whenever they want it. People are no longer limited to surfing the internet from stationary PCs. Online browsing can be done on the train to work, while out shopping, at a football game and now on television screens in living rooms all over the world. 

Using the Opera TV browser, users experience all that the web has to offer, allowing them to search for their favorite online content, just as they do on their computers, mobile phones or other devices.

What is the Opera TV browser?

It is a browser that delivers a superior user experience to the TV screen, giving users the full internet on their television sets.

The Opera TV browser brings the full web-browsing experience to your connected TV with minimal time and cost. With a UI that has been optimized for the TV screen, the Opera TV browser enables users to experience the best browsing experience available on today’s range of connected TVs.

With a UI designed for easy navigation, the Opera TV browser lets users enjoy the same great browsing experience that they are used to on their tablets and mobile phones.


These tools to help you create web content for TV, build your own Opera TV Store apps and easily develop, debug and test them:

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