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Rocket Optimizer

Wireless operators can now overcome the data deluge hitting their networks, using the full power of the cloud. Rocket Optimizer is an innovative, next-generation cloud approach to mobile video and data optimization for carriers. It provides operators with huge cost savings, elastic capacity and the ability to enhance quality of experience on a per-stream level.

Rocket Optimizer provides operators with an instant 60% boost in bandwidth capacity across smartphones, tablets and laptops. Its flexible cloud architecture and intelligent traffic steering dramatically reduce an operator’s total cost of ownership vs. the cost of legacy in-line hardware solutions.

For the first time, operators can now apply video and image optimization policy on a per-stream level, based on end users' real-time quality of experience — without the need to install an appliance or RAN probes. This surgical approach assures a superior quality of video experience for every user on an operator’s network.

Learn more about Rocket Optimizer and its elastic, targeted, and innovative approach to optimizing video traffic on mobile networks.


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Rocket Optimizer
This robust mobile video optimization solution solves unpredictable video and data demand with an elastic, surgical, and cloud-based optimization platform.



NFV and Mobile Video Optimization

NFV and Mobile Video Optimization: Why the Future Is Now

Operators are looking for the first applications that will help kick off the inevitable virtualization of their networks. This paper explores NFV, its impact on CapEx, OpEx and service velocity, and examines why mobile video optimization might be the perfect first step to an NFV architecture.


Fight Mobile Warming - thumbnail

Fight Mobile Warming with Cloud-Based Mobile Media Optimization

With Rocket Optimizer, global operators can take a major step toward solving mobile warming on their networks today. Explore the huge cost savings, elastic capacity and real-time QoE assurance now available to operators in the cloud.


Experience Assurance

Experience Assurance – Cloud-Based QoE Management

This paper introduces a breakthrough approach to guaranteeing end-user quality of experience, using our Rocket Optimizer network traffic management and mobile video optimization solution.


Best-in-class Optimization for all video types

Best-in-Class Optimization For All Video Types

Does "pacing" network traffic alone solve mobile network operators' congestion and user experience issues? Will ABR video save mobile networks? We believe in optimizing all video types, including ABR – this paper explains how.


CloudCache - Next-Generation Caching & Video Optimization thumbnail

CloudCache - Next-Generation Caching & Video Optimization

We have introduced a cloud-based caching solution that brings significant reductions in operator server, peering and IP transit costs as part of Rocket Optimizer 3.0. This paper explains CloudCache's many benefits for mobile operators and their customers.


Benefits of Cloud-Based Mobile Optimization-thumbnail

Benefits of Cloud-Based Mobile Optimization

Cloud technology is transforming the way services are delivered. This paper examines in detail how cloud-based technologies can be leveraged in mobile optimization solutions and why they benefit mobile operators.


Measuring, Quantifying and Improving QoE

Measuring, Quantifying and Improving QoE
In this white paper, we explain the essential algorithmic components that
go into determining QoE, as well as how Rocket Optimizer's Experience Assurance
technology measures, quantifies and then instantly improves the video
experience, using the power of the cloud.