Sponsored Web Pass

Sponsored Web Pass

Allows operators to build new revenues and brand relationships through sponsored, no-cost mobile internet access.

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Build new revenues and brand relationships through sponsored, no-cost internet access

For operators: Sponsored Web Pass helps bring reluctant data consumers onto the internet for the first time. By giving operators tools to team up with brands and advertisers easily to sponsor the cost of their customers' mobile internet access, Sponsored Web Pass brings the unconnected online and builds new revenues for operators in the form of shared ad revenues and new data-plan connections.

For brands: Gain a strong presence in local and emerging markets by providing something beloved by consumers: no-cost internet access. Work with Opera’s 130+ operator partners around the world to promote your services via interstitials, offers and messages to consumers, all while sponsoring internet packages that range from hours to full weeks.

Sponsored Web Pass

No-cost internet access

Operators and brands can offer sponsored mobile internet access to their entire user bases quickly and easily. These solutions are fully customizable for each local market or region.

Sponsored Web Pass

Interstitials and other ad units

Users simply view or engage with short advertisements, offers or messages from the sponsor before continuing to their content. Users are then free to surf the internet for the entire duration of the Sponsored Web Pass.

Sponsored Web Pass

Build new revenues

Sponsored Web Pass lets brands and operators work together to connect the unconnected, as well as helping to establish internet habits that lead to greater data consumption over time – including upgrades to an operator’s own data bundles.

Powered by Opera Mini

These offers appear within the Opera Mini browser, which is used by hundreds of millions of consumers around the world. Opera Mini’s advanced compression and zero-rating capabilities are the innovative technology combination that keeps brands, operators and their consumers very happy.