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Add immense value to your NFV infrastructure.

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Add immense value to your NFV infrastructure

Rocket Optimizer is the network traffic management solution for operators currently building their NFV implementations. It’s a low-risk, cost-reducing, flexibility-enhancing, service-creating and bandwidth-saving step toward a virtualized architecture..

Why NFV, and why now

Mobile operators are implementing their Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) and Software-Defined Networking (SDN) architectures as a means to reduce their network costs and offer increased flexibility and customized services to both subscribers and enterprises. Rocket Optimizer delivers key elements, today, that an operator needs to take its first steps toward an NFV and SDN future.

Mobile operators looking to virtualize their networks, reduce costs and offer customized services to consumers and enterprises don’t need to “rip and replace” their existing set-ups to take full advantage of Rocket Optimizer’s cloud-based, real-time mobile video optimization now. Rocket Optimizer can be deployed today, then seamlessly migrated as a carrier’s implementation of NFV architecture progresses.

Regain control of every multimedia session on your network

By working in a cloud container, Rocket Optimizer is exceptionally friendly to virtualization. It can run on commodity hardware, with no need for new proprietary hardware to be installed. It runs out of a centralized data center and doesn’t need to be spread across multiple regional points of distribution – thereby reducing costs and greatly increasingly flexibility.

Operators are moving to NFV architectures with a goal of “democratizing” their service offerings for different user groups. Rocket Optimizer can support different optimization policies for different customer types and allow for “boutique” services to be delivered to these customer types, such as MVNOs or Enterprises. Virtualization and the cloud means these types of services are not tied to where a customer physically lies in the network.

Rocket Optimizer allows for multiple differentiated services to be provided from the same platform, without the need to vertically dedicate resources. Operators can flexibly experiment with services for segmented customer bases, rather than trying to pre-determine a lowest common denominator of service across the network.