Rocket Insights

Rocket Insights

Scalable, real-time video-monitoring analytics in a graphical and user-customizable dashboard for mobile operators.

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Real-time video-monitoring analytics

Ensuring excellent video quality of experience (QoE) for consumers is an essential part of today's mobile network traffic management. Rocket Insights addresses the current lack of existing real-time video-monitoring analytics in a graphical and user-customizable dashboard. It provides mobile operators with visibility into the importance of actionable QoE monitoring that can intervene when needed to improve the video viewing experience for each and every user on an operator’s network.

Actionable information to combat the mobile video explosion

Key metrics in the Rocket Insights dashboard include stalling rates, video start times, distribution of bitrates, abandonment rates on each video and mean opinion score. Operators can test and refine their optimization strategies using the dashboard and measure how these rates improve or change on the basis of the real-time adjustments that they make. Operators can also use information from the dashboard to pinpoint patterns of video usage precisely, using this data to improve their overall networks.

Deployable by itself, or with Rocket Optimizer

Rocket Insights can be deployed by an operator as a standalone module in advance of Rocket Optimizer, in order to clearly observe the disproportionate impact that over-the-top video is having on their networks. Rocket Insights can even be deployed in conjunction with existing legacy mobile video-optimization hardware. Rocket Insights allows operators to see the impact of video on their networks easily, down to individual subscribers and their anonymized locations in the network.