Opera Max for mobile operators

Opera Max

Revolutionizing app access and data management for operators and their subscribers.

Let your subscribers do more for less

Opera Max gives operators the opportunity to increase their brand loyalty with their customers - while making their data plans go farther than ever before. Opera Max users get up to 50% more data across most apps and browsers, while actually consuming the same amount as before, thanks to Opera’s market-leading video- and data-compression technology.

App Pass, a service available for operators within Opera Max, allows operators to present offers to their subscribers for free, sponsored or paid access to apps, right when they browse to or open the app. Giving their users a low-risk way to try mobile data.

App Pass also opens up a new ad supported revenue stream for operators, enabling them to partner with local advertisers or brands to sponsor access to a specific app or collection of apps for a period of time.

Opera Max provides an analytics framework for operators to help them make better network-planning and marketing decisions.

Savings across the entire smartphone

Opera Max provides savings across virtually all apps and browsers on a device, helping operators to keep their networks congestion free, while giving their subscribers a much better browsing experience - keeping them watching, surfing and socializing longer.

Opera Max App Passes

App Pass: Data passes to a world of apps

App Pass allows operators to offer their subscribers a more affordable way to access their favorite apps. Access can be free, paid or sponsored. Opera Max's compression and video-optimization capabilities make it affordable for all parties.

Opera Max sponsored App Pass

Sponsored App Pass

Sponsored App Pass opens up new ad-supported revenues for operators by enabling operators to partner with local advertisers or brands to sponsor the cost of access to a specific app or apps for a set period of time.

It's all about video

Vimeo, Instagram, Vine ... you name it - your mobile network is packed with video these days. Opera Max makes videos lighter, which means less strain on your network - and a much better experience for your subscribers, even on congested networks and in low-coverage areas.