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Opera Apps Club

Opera Apps Club

Opera Apps Club is the official Android app-subscription offer for many of the world's top mobile carriers and smartphone OEMs. It's the leading app-subscription service in terms of addressable market reach and content quality, as well as in total active subscribers.

Reach over 500M users in emerging markets

Opera Apps Club helps you to reach over 500M mobile subscribers, unlocking the potential of app distribution and monetization in emerging markets. With these markets in mind, it has no need for credit cards, providing carrier billing for 100% of its addressable users. This unlocks a huge monetization potential for markets where credit-card penetration is low. Also, there is no need for a mobile data plan to download new apps – all app downloads within Opera Apps Club can be done for free - making the service accessible for all.


Distribution partners

Opera Apps Club is the official offering and partner for the Android app-subscription services from many of the world's top mobile carriers and smartphone OEMs. Our distribution partners help us by co-branding, promoting and distributing the service, by preloading the Opera Apps Club storefront onto their client’s smartphones, as well as by providing billing integration.













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Over the last few decades, most mass-market digital-media offers have developed into either of three business models that coexist and complement each other (free, subscription and paid). This trend has been consistent and true regardless of the media category (e.g., music, video or books), its encoding (analog or digital) or its distribution channel (e.g., offline or online).

A subscription model has typically been the last of the three to emerge, as the mobile-apps category matures, complementing the existing free and paid models, while at the same time representing a better value for users and for developers alike.

Subscription model

A better value for all

A better value




Discover new apps

In a world with hundreds of thousands of apps, finding the best apps is challenging. In addition to providing a pre-selection of the best available apps across all key categories, Opera Apps Club, through its "Social app discovery" feature, enables users to find the best apps based on what their friends are using and recommending.


Only the best apps

A subscription service is only as good as the content it offers. Therefore, Opera Apps Club only works with the best available apps covering all key app categories:

  • Best rated with  ★★★★ stars and above
  • No advertising
  • Premium titles or titles with in-app-purchase (IAP) credit included
  • Most popular apps in each key Google Play category
  • Best value – over $2,000 USD in premium apps and included IAPs

Content partners

The mobile app market is very fragmented and dynamic. To always provide the best apps, Opera Apps Club has established close partnerships with over 150 top global and regional publishers and developers who are responsible for some of the best apps in the world.