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Opera Mini

Used by over 250 million users worldwide, Opera Mini is the world´s most popular cloud-assisted browser. Opera Mini enables operators to provide a high-quality browsing experience across their device portfolio, while managing data delivery costs.

The Smart Page in Opera Mini allows mobile operators to gain better insights about and understanding of their customer base through their users´ browsing habits. In the co-branded version, operators are given a unique opportunity to engage with Opera Mini users in a more personalized and non-intrusive manner, allowing them to promote their brand and services as an integrated part of the user experience.


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Opera Mini's advanced compression technology, which compresses webpages by up to 90%, gives operators the power to be able to offer their customers a faster and smoother mobile internet experience, while not having to worry about congesting their networks due to new users and increased data usage.

The co-branded Opera Mini version has already enabled over 150 mobile operators worldwide to break down mobile internet barriers such as slow connections, congested networks and negative consumer perceptions by enabling them to launch mass-market, mass-device and competitive mobile-internet packages to all of their customers.


Product Sheet

Opera Mini co-brand product sheet thumbnail

Opera Mini co-brand
Enables operators to promote their brands & services directly in the UI of the most popular cloud-based browser in the world.


Smart Page-product sheet-thumbnail

Smart page
Gives operators and advertisers real-time advertising and co-branding opportunities to connect with users through the UI.


Case Studies

Grameenphone and Opera Mini

Grameenphone and Opera Mini in Bangladesh

In 2013, Grameenphone leveraged the popularity of websites such as Facebook and Wikipedia by offering free access for its mobile subscribers to popular websites through a co- branded version of Opera Mini.


Smart and Opera Mini

SMART and Opera Mini in the Philippines

In 2011, SMART Communications, Inc., and Opera Software joined forces to bring the Opera Mini browser to SMART’s mobile subscribers in the Philippines. Since then, SMART has leveraged Opera Mini and its data compression capabilities to help drive the growth of mobile internet adoption throughout the country.


Megafon Siberia case study thumbnail

MegaFon and Opera Mini in Siberia and Ural

Based on the success of MegaFon and Opera Mini in Moscow, MegaFon decided to expand the offer to its opcos in other regions of Russia. To promote the Opera Mini proposition in the Siberian and Ural regions, MegaFon ran several below-the-line campaigns at various points post-launch.


Megafon Moscow case study thumbnail

MegaFon and Opera Mini in Moscow
In September 2009, MegaFon worked to promote the “Unlimited Internet with Opera Mini” package. Evaluating the results of this trial, MegaFon surpassed its own goals in boosting subscriber numbers and mobile internet revenue. What drove the growth MegaFon sought?


TIM Brazil case study thumbnail

TIM Brazil and Opera Mini

Aiming to help expand the use of the mobile Internet in Brazil, TIM Brazil set out to offer a range of low-cost devices that offered superior connectivity, easy use and navigability, and predictable, low prices. TIM Brazil worked together with Opera Software to create an offering for a one-stop, flexible solution for both pre- and postpaid subscribers.


Indonesia case study thumbnail

Opera Mini's presence in Indonesia

Indonesia has been one of the biggest users of the Opera Mini browser since the very beginning. Given the global popularity of the Opera Mini browser and of mobile browsing as a whole, it stands to reason that a country such as Indonesia, with a large and diverse population who have a wide array of mobile handsets, would dominate Opera Mini usage numbers.