Opera Mini for OEMs

Opera Mini for OEMs

An easy-to-use, secure and customizable companion for all your customers' mobile browsing needs.

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Connect your customers

Speed and connectivity is the soul of Opera Mini. Opera Mini for Android is one of the world’s fastest browsers. It’s easy to use, secure and customizable for all your customers' browsing needs. Opera Mini for Android is fast, free and offers background data compression, so your users can easily browse their favorite sites without worrying about exceeding their data plans.

Attract new customers

By preinstalling Opera Mini for Android across your Android device portfolio, your devices become synonymous with a fast, smooth browsing experience, allowing you to attract new users and operators, and, in turn, build up brand loyalty.

Faster, smoother

Opera Mini’s advanced data-compression technologies compress webpages by up to 90%, allowing your users to save both time and data while browsing the internet from your devices.

Opera Mini for Android

Smarter browsing

The Smart Page for Opera Mini makes the browsing experience smarter and easier for mobile internet users. The Smart Page aggregates and displays content unique for the user, making it easier to discover new content and keep up to date with favorite sites.

Laid-back browsing

Opera Mini for Android gives your users a more carefree browsing experience, with features like tabbed browsing, which allows users to switch between several websites with ease, and Speed Dial, which lets users organize their favorite sites as tiles on the start page.