Opera browser

Opera browser

Provide your customers with a richer, faster browsing experience, while building brand loyalty for your devices.

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 A richer, faster mobile browsing experience

Opera browser is a full-featured browser based on Chromium/Blink with a native UI. It brings the best of the web to your users in a beautiful and customizable interface that enables increased usage of data while building lasting brand loyalty for your devices.

Give your users full control

Cloud compression and optimization are automatically included in the Opera browser. By switching to Opera Turbo mode, users can speed up their browsing experience when experiencing a bad connection, while saving data and time when browsing on the go.

Feature-rich experience

Opera browser gives your users a superior browsing experience with features like the download manager – which allows users to start, stop, resume and save downloads - and the saved pages feature, which enables users to read news, blogs and more, even when offline.

Opera browser for Android

(Re)discover the internet

Opera browser comes with the Discover feature. This recommendation engine, gives users a steady flow of with fresh, popular content from top publishers, making it easier for them to discover or rediscover all that the internet has to offer.

One-click access

Opera’s Speed Dial makes it easier for your users to find and access their favorite webpages. Favorites, bookmarks and saved pages are all displayed as a gallery of images with single-click access.