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The Opera Mobile Store is the 5th-largest app store in the world, with over 100 million monthly unique users. It is available across most platforms, including Android, Java, BlackBerry, Symbian and iOS. The Opera Mobile Store is available through Opera's flagship Opera Mini and Opera mobile browsers and has proven content distribution in some of the world's fastest-growing mobile markets, including India, Russia, Brazil, Indonesia and South Africa.

The Opera Mobile Store is also accessible on any mobile device by visiting apps.opera.com in a mobile browser. Because of the power of the Opera Mobile Store distribution platform, Opera also offers promotional options that extend beyond the mobile store to reach more than 275 million users of Opera's mobile browsers.

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More than 140,000 apps in categories ranging from games to productivity to news and security


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Opera Mobile Store
Take advantage and join the 5th-largest app store in the world.

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