Opera Mobile Store

Opera Mobile Store

Get your apps in front of consumers worldwide

The Opera Mobile Store currently serves over 40,000 publishers with superior performance and support of user acquisition in high-growth mobile markets. It’s now the third-largest app storefront in the world.

The Opera Mobile Store is extremely competitive in India, Russia, Brazil, Indonesia, South Africa and other markets around the world. It is not reliant on Opera browsers for distribution and can accessed from any browser and any mobile device from apps.opera.com.

Opera Mobile Store directly reaches over 100 million monthly users. The power of the Opera Mobile Store distribution platform enables your games and apps to reach over 350 million users of Opera’s mobile browsers, as well as operators on multiple continents in our operator-branded Opera Subscription Mobile Store.

• Unparalleled market reach in high-growth mobile markets
• Outstanding user-acquisition value by volume and performance
• Expert assistance in mobile app localization
• Close collaboration in developing exceptional, creative designs
• Comprehensive testing and quality assurance
• Rapid deployment – you can start getting new user signups today!
• Technical assistance and solutions to optimize your tracking

The Opera Mobile Store is available through Opera's mobile browsers and our flagship Opera Mini spanning Android, Java, BlackBerry, Symbian, Windows Phone and iOS platforms.

The Opera Mobile Store is accessible on any mobile device by visiting apps.opera.com from a mobile browser.
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Over 300,000 apps in categories ranging from Games to Productivity to News and Security