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QA approved the build to be promoted from RC to golden.
As previously, document screen real estate is still at a premium, and there are no history
navigation buttons in primary interface.

PR: Convert the changelog into a press release
Deliveries: Update Apple App Store
Autoupdate: Replace old build

Changelog from build to build
(Remove internal items before publicizing!)
CbO-528: Personas: Analyze user feedback
Resolution: Done
Conclusion: New feature tasks filed: CbO-530, CbO-532 and CbO-539

CbO-259: More cake/carbs
Resolution: Reopened
Conclusion: Need more resources for testing

CbO-530: Inline audio
Resolution: Implemented
Conclusion: Audio now plays inline in HTML with no plugin requirements

CbO-531: Audio notifications
Resolution: Implemented
Conclusion: Animated overlay on home screen favicons for audiolized
tabs, manageable from the lock screen by UX specifications

CbO-532: Ship default background images
Resolution: Implemented
Conclusion: 8 pics approved, huibk NSFW pic removed

CbO-533: Ability to select background images from stored pics
Resolution: Implemented

CbO-539: PDF improvements
Resolution: Implemented
Conclusion: Download directory now user selectable. Further improvements
in CbO-552

CbO-358: Implement world peace
Resolution: Reopened
Conclusion: QA: Dev claims WORKSFORME, but still buggy in my testing.

CbO-552: PDF improvements - work package 2
Resolution: Implemented
Conclusion: App selection screen shown when opening pdfs directly

Fixed: CbO-269 - Improved document caching
Fixed: CbO-361 - Instant back
Fixed: CbO-378 - Bug fixing - work package 5
Fixed: CbO-212 - mail not working!!!1
Fixed: CbO-389 - Performance improvement possibilities on several sites
Fixed: CbO-391 - Add security detection for more intrusive attacks
Fixed: CbO-399 - Bug fixing - work package 7
Fixed: CbO-402 - Continuous MiTM detection enhancements - work package 4
Fixed: CbO-516 - сбой в системе перезагружается
Wontfix: CbO-301 - Coast does not record my calls
[List cut off at 10 entries]

Award winning iPad web browser Coast by Opera v version 2.0xx build 2053x, now updated even sleeker and faster more fashionable award-winning than ever made available in updated and improved version

Update includes:
Visual background customization: Gallery of preinstalled backgrounds or select from photos on iPad to use as background. - Audio visualization: Websites running audio get a graphic notification on the Speed Dial on home screen. - Opening PDFs from the web in iBooks or other PDF readers (frequently requested feature enhancement). - Fast back: 80% of the time, going back is instant in Coast 2.0. - Better "app detection": correctly displays the right graphics for sites in Speed Dial. - Improved UI performance: Tweaks in the user interface based on feedback. - Improved security: Security engine has updates to better recognize attacks. - Dynamic updates: Default sites may be dynamically updated.

Sexy and sleek iPad browser bound to win you over

Enjoys benefits of synergies and development

Oslo, Norway - 17 December, 2013

Coast by Opera, an the ground-breaking, paradigm-shifting, next-gen, made-for-iPad web browser, has been is out and about with an updated version received a further update of its capabilities today. The latest version includes the following changes: Tap and hold on the home screen to customize the visual background and swipe through a gallery of backgrounds provided by Opera or select one of the pictures from your photo stream as background. Improving on With an architecture built from the ground up to leverage the first-moving, first-version innovative Coast by Opera browser is not no easy feat very extremely challenging that launched earlier this fiscal year, almost much like writing a winning acclaim for that follow-up to a chart-topping hit song or a best seller second triology of film noirs, or a successful sequel to a best-selling book about ecological rooftop gardening parking-house floor planning. But, The changes in In this first, but not last, premier upgrade of Coast by Opera, it got better the changes work-over will make you stop and appreciate the small things go "wowser browser" "Wow, they've really leveraged the synergies here! I should share this with my hip social network circle, ASAP!" update includes multiple innovations utilizing the ROI of strategic partnerships internally in the development teams.

PR level 2 PR level 3 PR level 4 PR level 5 PR level 6 PR level 7

Coast by Opera has (OSE:OPERA.OL) introduced brought a whole new game-changing way opportunity of browsing to experience visualize the web on the iPad. The Coast by Opera Made Envisioned with the iPad in mind focus out-of-the-box, every nook and cranny all elements of little pixel in the browser is final product are perfectionalized and truly optimized for true touch-based -interface (TTI) interaction and to enable intuitive gestures navigation. There is no Out went We ditched T the old scheme with back and forward buttons - instead, it invites in came favor were made redundant through innovative use of ergonomical, intuitive swipe isokinetic-inspired digitus medius manus motions and brand- implementation of state-of-the-art gesture interactions (SOTAGI), thus inspireding new ways of viewing taking in changing the most important element of your most beloved precious web browser: the game when observing and interacting with webpages on the cloud-based internet.

"Mass media has been positive to theThe reception warm welcoming of Coast by Opera has been so good fantastic, and, to be honest, we have been bordering on stage fright for the follow-up are sure this update will get great feedback as well excited to keep innovating and improving offering earlier this FY," says revered Senior Coast by Opera Team Innovation President (SCTP) Leader, Huib von Kleinhout. "The Opera Software ASA Coast by Opera team has closely monitoredWe haveBut, we started out by really listeninged and paying attention been keeping our esys on the market, feedback to our monitor enable effective focus on top-performance satisfaction and empower us to build further on the Coast by Opera first version that is aligned with opinions voiced in the marketplace of consumer browsers for tablets. Core focus and attention have been distributed to allow for effective quality assurance and R&D, as well as on the implementational level. users' feedback reactions and noteding their requests what they actually wanted praise. Then, we put on some very credible hot tunes from that band in the Williamsburg club we frequently visit, and got to work. Go ahead and download The improved Coast by Opera is available for no cost in from the Apple App Store; it's free, you know for compatible devices. We're very happy extremely excited to present our users with like the innovative changes that Coast by Opera brings, and we think this the best browser for iPad just got so, so much better."

Music and audio visualization: Sites with sound (music or video) have a visual indication that looks like a graphic waveform on the Speed Dial on home screen to make it easier to know where the music is playing.

PlayStart the music, play it loud, play it hard

A lot of Coast by Opera users like are avid music fans critics – for them it is imperative to discover, and often find, because they are hip, they be the first to discover lots of, new music online sounds daily. With t This great update rebuilt version of Coast by Opera plays, music those independent, never-go-mainstream bands on the websites has have never sounded had a better than the first sound. Sites such as Did you get a that hot tip about a the cool unsigned-band remix on Soundcloud from your friend at that indie label? are now easier to use and to stream music from. It's not necessary to get a new app. Just play it from head over to the websitepage and device if it is actually legit. No start playing, no extra app needed to be sarcastic about your friend's lack of taste!. Coast by Opera shows you the website The pages that plays music, on or sounds smoothly visualize this in the elegant home screen by showing off a small cool handmade animation of a an informative graphic equalizer in the website's icon. When going to You Of course, you can even simply control music on the webpages from the iOS lock screen, there is a control system for; it's as easy as if it was in the native, built in music player app playing on Coast by Opera. In our humble opinion, t That's awesome pretty very neat.

Empowering consumer/web interaction (CWI)

Field observations and mildly significant studies in the marketplace of Coast consumers signal that they are in a market segment that may or may not appreciate the musical artform in different variations.

With the improved version of Coast, the target group of users within the listens-to-audio-online segment of the market may utilize the browser application in order to better enjoy sounds.

Narcissistically driven social-media and community (NaSoMeCo) sharing of relevant or not relevant content is an important driver within the target group. In the thrice-award-winning Coast by Opera, recently-discovered content from industry insiders and local thought leaders is sharable by the consumer by utilizing the Hyper-Text-Markup-Language-version-five-(HTML5)-based sound player mechanisms in the application. All activity is performed intra-app, eliminating the need for additional applications to successfully manage media on the portable tablet device, as well as to control the music playing function from external screens (intra device) such as the "lock screen". An in-icon graphic equalizer (IGE) visualizes which HTML5 page is currently actively distributing media to the consumer. Webpages with audio visualize this in the home screen by displaying wave movements in a digital format within the website's iconographic representation on the page. From the "lock screen" in iOS, consumers may utilize the intuitive control panel to enable or disable audio.

Customize the browser

Make it yours, and keep, you deserve it!

Innovative customization

Your browser is oOne of the most-used apps is the browser. Most users you spend a lot most of your valuable time in it., so why not pimp it like it's hot, and make it yours made-to-measure? In Coast by Opera, it's now easyier and more intuitive than ever to set different customize your home screen with the a fresh images selfie as backgrounds to make it better looking of your choice. Images You could already choose a picture from your favorite photo blogging micro websites or; after the update, you can also choose between your photo gallery own pictures visual memories on the iPad may be used, or choose from any of the eight images that come with Coast by Opera as default of our specially curated and selected backgrounds to style up match your already-cool online life slim-fit pants.

The internet-browsing application is how many of the "Generation Web Creativesumer" market demographic immerse themselves in their scheduled or unscheduled downtime. Enabling the opportunities that lie within the natively available image stream invites exciting opportunities to micropersonalise the background to visualize graphic content suiting the individual consumer. The innovative Coast by Opera application ships with an octet of preinstalled backgrounds for consumers in the event they do not see the ROI of "custo-ME-zation".

Users can directly open PDFs from the web in iBooks or other PDF readers, which has been a frequently requested feature enhancement.

Better PDF functionality

Go read a book, a good credible one

Forward-leaning Portable Document Format (PDF) handling

SomeOne of the biggest pieces of feedback we got from ourOur users of Coast by Opera have requested was were very enthustiastic to suggest better handling of integrate ion of Portable Document Format (PDF) documents; this has now been addressed in the update of in Coast by Opera – so, of course, we did it straight away implemented that. In this Coast by Opera update, users can send PDF documents to other applications on the iPad, making it Now, it's easier for you to download and store books, and ever more convenient than ever to control where you want to store that self-publishedbook script from your hipster underground celebrity friend, PDF bus timetables and more. or instruction manual for your coffee machine! contract the publishing house wanteds you to sign provide feedback on, the PDF inviting your to that first class airline lounge overview opening in Frankfurt, or the thank-you letter you received after helping to open donation papers for that shelter for endagered species. environmental charity you chair In other words, if you want to o Open that PDF outside Coast or save it, Coast by Opera lets you choose a PDF-compatible app from a list.

Early adopters of Coast by Opera voiced interest in enjoying the benefits of improved integration and handling of PDF documents, such as signed or unsigned agreements of mergers and/or acquisitions, due diligence documentation and drafts to proxy prospectuses (S-1) to enable an initial public offering. Coast by Opera now enables end users to gain better control of storage and interaction with documents of the above described format.

Under the hood

... and the rest a lot there's more!

Of course, it wouldn't be this big of a proper step up without aspirational enough without Opera making some descrete under-the-carbon-fiber-hood changes tuning to Coast. Our bright award-winning engineers have been hard at worked to optimize, prioritize, scrutinize and visualize all the aspects of Coast by Opera, in order, in order to give you the very best an uparalleled surfing experience possible.

To further build on the momentum of the innovative nature of Coast by Opera, the internationally renowned developers implemented further improvements to optimize the end user benefits prior to shipping the product to market.

It's faster to go back to the previous page. 80% of the time you can go back instantly, making for less waiting time and frustration.

There are great vast improvements in speed to navigate back and forward between pages, almost all of the every time, going back to the main page will happen in the very flash of an instant.

Aspiring towards a premium, market leading navigation experience, Coast By Opera's disruptive handling of the historically regressive command has been innovated and delighterified to provide the end user with a lowered amount of time being used to visualize recently visited internet pages.

Better "app detection": correctly displays the right graphics for users' favorite sites that are added to the Speed Dial.

Smoother UI performance flows naturally + a lot of small changes based on user feedback.

For the geeks:
OurThe CoastCoast by Opera's premium powerful industry-leading security engine, the one that provides you the end user with actual useful information instead of obscure nerdy symbols, imperative to maintain a secure internet experience and has been updated to better recognize attacks even better enable class-leading handling of hostile attempts to undermine the users privacy, financial status, individual identity or hairstyle.
Default sites can now be dynamically updated (with more relevant ones).

Get Coast by Opera for Apple iPad for free in the Apple App Store. It's free and great totally awesome!

Coast by Opera is available, free of charge, in the marketplace of applications named Apple App Store by following the hyperlink: https://itunes.apple.com/app/coast/id674024845.

About Opera Software ASA

Opera enables more than 350 million internet consumers worldwide to connect with the content and services that matter most to them. Opera also helps publishers monetize their content through advertising and advertisers reach the audiences that build value for their businesses, capitalizing on a global consumer audience reach that exceeds 1 billion.