Coast by Opera

Opera Coast

“Websites and apps today invite you to interact in new ways, but browser design for tablets has not pushed to liberate itself from the influence it has experienced from its computer and mobile phone cousins. On a tablet, browsers felt outdated, and that bothered me. Why? Because we make browsers for a living. We’re passionate about making the internet better.”

– Huib Kleinhout, Opera Coast Team Lead

Three design basics for Opera Coast

  • Every design element in Opera Coast has been carefully crafted for iPad. It’s not just a mobile interface scaled up to fit a touchscreen, nor a desktop browser scaled down.
  • We threw the back and forward buttons out the window. Now, we have a browser based on swipe gestures, with a focus on great animations.
  • All the stuff you don't see. We have invented a lot of technology that works under the hood, keeping you safe and secure.


The home screen

The home screen has three main elements:

  • A search and address field
  • The Speed Dial grid, with more entries accessible by swiping to the left or right
  • Recently opened sites, that are not currently in a Speed Dial entry
    Tip: Tap and hold to drag recently opened sites into Speed Dial

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Coast by Opera - The home screen

The search screen

  • To access the search screen, pull down the search and address field in Speed Dial.
  • When entering an address or search term, suggested sites (to the right) and keywords will appear (above text entry).
  • To use a suggested keyword, click it. If the correct site appears as a tile to the right, click it to go directly to the site. Click the large Google preview to search in Google.

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Coast - the search screen

In a webpage

  • At the bottom of the displayed page, you will find two icons.
  • The middle button takes you to the home screen; the bar button on the right shows recent sites visited.
    Tip:The bar can be clicked, or pulled, to access recent sites.
  • You can also long-click a picture to save it or to set it as the background for Speed Dial.
    Tip: Long-tap links to share or copy them.

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Coast - in a web page

Navigating in webpages

Coast - navigate back

Go back: Swipe from left to right.
Go forward: Swipe from right to left. 

Coast - navigate reload

Reload: Swipe down at the top of a page

Navigating open sites in OperaCoast

Coast - navigate left-right

To access recent sites, press the bar button.
Tip: Pull down the bar button if you prefer swiping to pushing buttons. 

Coast - navigate left-right between recent sites

Swipe left / right between recent sites.
Tip: Pull down the site for site safety info, or tap the share button to share.

Under-the-hood security

Coast - security

If a website is deemed not secure, a warning appears informing the user.

Coast - security info

To view the site safety report or share, pull down a recent site and tap the “i” button.


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