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Upgrade: Opera releases Opera Mobile 8.65 for Symbian S60

September 1, 2006

Oslo, Norway - September 1, 2006

Opera Software today released OperaMobile 8.65 for Symbian S60, an upgrade to the popular Opera Mobileâ„¢browser for smartphones running on the S60 platform. The upgrade offersfull compatibility with the latest S60 phones, including the new NokiaE70, N73 and N93. Opera Mobileâ„¢ 8.65 is available

With more people being introduced to the Opera mobile browsers everyday, Opera is committed to making mobile browsing as easy as possiblewhile maintaining the advanced functionality enjoyed by the moreexperienced users.

New in Opera Mobileâ„¢:

  • Improved start page that makes it easier to enter a Web address and godirectly to your most frequently visited Web pages.
  • More intuitive text entering into form fields on Web pages. Simplystart typing as soon as the form field has the focus, with no need toclick first.
  • The behaviour of shortcut keys has been changed to avoid confusionwhen users accidentally press the wrong key. By default, OperaMobileâ„¢ 8.65 has a two-key version of shortcut keys, where you press# + key. If you are a shortcut keys fan, you can still go back toone-key mode in settings.
  • More content on the screen: With 8.65 the size of the user interfacehas been reduced to make more room for the Web page content. Naturally,you can still select Full Screen mode.
  • Advanced users will enjoy the "pencil key" + joystick to go Pageleft/right/up/down in desktop mode, or customizing the keyboard to havethese as shortcut keys. Zoom in/Zoom out is now also available asshortcut keys.

For more information, see the product page or the fullchangelog.


Opera Mobileâ„¢ 8.65 is available as a download
It comes with a 30-day free trial.


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