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Opera in Korean Sharp Zaurus

September 4, 2002

First Opera-powered Asian PDA Launched

Oslo, Norway and Seoul, Korea - Sept. 4, 2002

Coinciding with the special localized version made by PalmPalm of Sharp's Zaurus in Korea, Opera Software today announced that the Zaurus is the first Personal Digital Assistant (PDA) available in Asia with Opera included.

PalmPalm has developed the special Korean version of the Sharp Zaurus.

"PalmPalm has done a great job into making the Sharp Zaurus into aproduct that will appeal to Korean consumers," says Lars Boilesen, VPembedded products. "We are elated about offering Korean the chance toget a great Internet experience also on a small-screens device like aPDA."

The Korean version of the Sharp Zaurus is the first worldwide toinclude Opera 6 for PDAs on Linux, with the American and Europeanversions including Opera 5 for PDAs on Linux. Korean users thereforeexclusively benefit from additions like: Flash-support, full-screenmode, possibility of having multiple windows open, full bookmarksupport and support for MIME-types.

"In the Korean Sharp Zaurus, Opera enhances what is already ratedone of the best PDA browsers on the markets," says Sung-Soo Slim, Director of System Engineering, PalmPalm. "We are satisfied with the speed and features of the new version of Opera."

pera is the ideal browser for small-screen devices like PDAs, offeringa speedy browser that supports the latest open Web standards efficiently coded into a small, modular package.

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