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Opera enabling UMTS services

September 3, 2003

Opera on the new Motorola A920

Oslo, Norway - September 3, 2003

Opera Software today announced that Opera is included in Motorola's new phone for UMTS networks: the Motorola A920. The Motorola A920 is the first Motorola phone to feature Opera as its browser, and Opera's first UMTS phone network deployment.

The Motorola A920 sets a new standard for the mobile industry and brings enhanced functionality exclusively to customers on the "3" network run by Hutchison.

"With Opera, Motorola offers 3's subscribers the most advanced UMTS handset available today, demonstrating the enormous potential provided by combining HTML and high network speed," says Rolf Assev, executive vice president marketing and strategic alliances, Opera Software ASA. "After many years of research and development, it's good to see Opera is making headway in the mobile industry."

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