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Let the football fever follow you

June 10, 2010

Stay on top of the FIFA 2010 World Cup, even out of TV sight

OSLO - 10 June 2010


If you are a football enthusiast on the move during the FIFA World Championships, fret not. You can follow the game while traveling and keep up to date on all the latest results, while taking it easy on your wallet. Whether it is sneaking peeks at the result table in your lunch hour or following the live action transcripts, the mobile-phone browser comes to the rescue.

Opera Mini, the world's most popular, mobile web browser, gives you full, fast and affordable access to all the major international football magazines. Using Opera Mini is faster and cheaper than the native mobile-phone browsers, allowing you to spend your time and money on cheering your favorite team towards the finals. Half a million users in South Africa alone use Opera Mini to keep up to date on sports, news and entertainment, along with 58 million other Opera Mini users worldwide.

The Opera Mini mobile-phone browser, available for free on practically any mobile phone, reduces the amount of data necessary to display a full webpage on your mobile phone. With this compression, the user gets more pages served for less money than other mobile browsers, up to 90% cheaper than by using native browsers.

To download Opera Mini and keep up to date, just point your current mobile-phone browser to and follow the instructions.

From the statistics generated by the Opera Mini compression servers, some websites experience user growth by more than 500% in the months leading up to the FIFA World Cup.

Unique User Growth from January to May 2010

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