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Data-savings app for Android now available in Latin America

San Mateo, Calif. - October 1, 2014

Opera Max extends the life of data plans by up to 50% - for free

Using mobile data in Latin America just became much cheaper. Starting today, Latin Americans can download Opera Max, a free app for Android that provides data savings and management. This unique app gives users up to 50% more use out of their data plans.

Through its unique video-compression technology, Opera Max shrinks videos (and photos) across almost any app on a phone. This means Latin American Android users can now watch more mobile video and view more online content without any additional cost.

"Latin America has experienced a substantial increase in smartphone uptake in the past year, and Android has become the preferred platform," says Sabrina Zaremba, Regional Manager for Latin America at Opera Software. "Whether they are on pre-paid data plans, paying per megabyte of use or roaming internationally, Opera Max will now help these users make the most of their data plans."

Opera Max Spanish interface screenshoot

Opera Max makes data plans last up to 50% longer

How it works

Opera Max's advanced video optimization is powered by Rocket Optimizer, a cloud-based solution from Opera's Skyfire unit. Once installed, Opera Max starts rerouting all data traffic on the mobile device to the Opera data-savings cloud using a virtual private network (VPN). All non-encrypted data requests (excluding secure websites and apps with HTTPS connections) are sent through Opera’s servers, which compress video, images and websites to consume less data.

Take control

Through Opera Max's timeline of app usage and savings, users can get more control over the data they consume. They can keep track of their savings and even block particular apps from using mobile data, restricting them to Wi-Fi only.


Opera Max is available as a free download on Google Play for smartphones running Android 4.0 or above. Download it today and start saving data!

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