Mobile-surfing trends in CIS

Oslo, Norway - June 28, 2013

In recent years, CIS countries have been through a rapid development of their mobile infrastructure. Mobile phones are rapidly becoming smarter and networks more advanced. What are the major mobile surfing trends in the CIS countries? This month’s State of the Mobile Web report takes a closer look at some of the major surfing trends.

Here is a quick overview of the trends, with more in the State of the Mobile Web report, which you can read here.

  • Users in the CIS region are increasingly adopting smartphones as their device of choice. The leader of the pack is Belarus, where up to 37% of Opera Mini users are on smartphones.
  • Although CIS users are moving towards smartphones, the classic mass-market phone dominates the top-ten list of most popular mobile devices running Opera Mini.
  • Local social networks are still very strong in the CIS region, where U.S.-based social networks such as Facebook are not as popular.

These statistics is based on anonymous, aggregated data from the Opera Mini servers, which compress webpages in order to provide a better surfing experience on more than 3,000 models of mobile phone models.

Opera Mini is part of the Opera Software mobile product suite, consisting of Opera Mini, Opera for Android and Opera Mobile Classic. Combined, these three apps had more than 254 million users in May 2013, a 29% increase from May 2012.

Since the Opera Mini servers process webpages, Opera Software has an overview of the number of webpages processed on this particular product. Opera Mini users viewed over 175 billion pages in May 2013. Since May 2012, page views have increased by more than 54%.

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