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April 1, 2009

Opera Face Gestures let your beautiful face control your beautiful browser

Oslo, Norway - April 1, 2009

Opera Software today unveiled its newest innovation to be included in Opera 10 - Face Gestures. Opera Face Gestures enable anyone with a Webcam to control their browser moving only their face. Based on the same architecture as Opera's Mouse Gestures, Face Gestures makes surfing the Web as easy as smiling, batting an eye lash or flaring a nostril.

Opera Face Gestures grew out of a collaborative project between Opera and the Norwegian Intelligence Service (NIS) to create the world's most advanced facial recognition technology using only JavaScript, HTML and CSS. After more than seven years in development, Opera Face Gestures were born.

"In 2001, we introduced Mouse Gestures in Opera 5.1. At that point we knew we were on to something," said Jon von Tetzchner, CEO, Opera. "We already had keyboard shortcuts in the very first version of Opera, but once we introduced voice control in Opera 8, we had only one input mechanism left - the face. Opera Face Gestures represent the next frontier in browser control."

Opera Face Gestures include more than 45 controls, from opening new tabs to restoring sessions to navigating through a Web page. Opera Face Gestures are so advanced you can compose and send an entire e-mail message through Opera's built-in e-mail client. Even mouse gestures can be triggered with Opera Face Gestures. To activate Opera Face Gestures simply press the single-key shortcut F8.

For more information on using Opera Face Gestures, including a list of known gestures, visit

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