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Web on the Wall: Opera selected by Kocom to deliver Web to Wall Pad

January 30, 2007

Oslo, Norway and Seoul, Korea - January 30, 2007

Opera Software today announced that it has now entered the realm of home automation. Kocom Co.Ltd., a Korea-based leader in digital home networking, has selected theOpera browser for its new Wall Pad KHN-U881, the latest addition toKocom's family of home networking products.

Designed for use in large residential communities, Kocom's Wall Pad willallow users to access any Web site from the device screen. This willenable community news and important announcements, along with favorite Webpages, to be communicated immediately to all residents. Kocom is alsousing Opera to deliver the user interface to the device. With Webtechnology, user interfaces can be updated as quickly and easily as a Webpage.

"We required a powerful Web browser for our new Wall Pad in order toprovide a seamless Web experience as well as a Web-based user interface,and Opera proved to be the browser maker who could meet and exceed ourrequirements" says Ihnguen Nam, Director, Kocom Co. Ltd. "Opera is aversatile tool that enables us to update the Wall Pad system quickly anddynamically, which is important to our customers."

Kocom's Wall Pad KHN-U881 is designed to meet the needs of modernresidential communities, providing security through visitor identificationand convenience with the built in telephone and Web browser. The firstdeployment of Kocom's Wall Pad will be in the Korean market.

"Home automation is an exciting new market for Opera, and we are delightedto be working with Kocom to deliver our browser to their Wall Pad," saysScott Hedrick, Executive Vice President of Device for Opera Software. "Asmore devices are now connected, we see an increased interest in adding aWeb browser as well as using Web technology to create user interfaces anddeliver Web-based services. The combination of Opera and Web technologiescan dramatically reduce time-to-market and reduce project costs whileincreasing the dynamism of the solution."


The Kocom Wall Pad KHN-U881 is currently available in Korea. For moreinformation visit To request the Opera browser foryour device, go to

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