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Opera browser available with Intel CE 2110 media processor through the Amino IntActâ„¢ IPTV software stack

September 7, 2007

Oslo, Norway - September 7, 2007

Opera Software today announced that theOpera 8.5 browser for Devices has been ported to the Intel© CE 2110 MediaProcessor through Amino's IntActâ„¢ IPTV software stack. Currently shippingfor the consumer electronics (CE) market segment, the completesystem-on-a-chip (SoC) architecture is designed to power a new generationof devices, such as digital set-top boxes and networked media players.

The full-featured Opera browser will enable Web-based information andservices to be accessed from these CE products. In addition, CEmanufacturers implementing the new Intel media processing platform areable to create advanced Web applications and user interfaces on multipledevices. Compatibility between the Opera browser and Intel© CE 2110 MediaProcessor has been verified using Intel reference hardware and Amino'sleading IntActâ„¢ IPTV client software stack.

The Amino IntActâ„¢ IPTV software stack is a highlyportable architecture, providing hardware manufacturers with a fullyfunctional stack to rapidly deploy an IPTV system across a variety ofdifferent network architectures.

"With the development of the Intel© CE 2110 Media Processor, we are ableto accelerate the availability of a new range of video and interactiveservices for consumers throughout the home," said William O. Leszinske,Jr., general manager of Intel's Consumer Electronics Group. "Intel'scost-effective system-on-a-chip design provides the level of performance,flexibility and headroom needed for future applications to enableinternet-based content and services."

Available with the Intel© CE 2110 Media Processor through the AminoIntActâ„¢ IPTV client software stack, the Opera browser runs on a Linuxoperating platform. Opera will also develop a demonstration version for CEmanufacturers to assess.

"Opera is excited to bring this new capability to CE developers andmanufacturers. It is a reflection of strong growth in the consumerelectronics markets," said Scott Hedrick, SVP Business Solutions, OperaSoftware. "We are seeing real innovation in software applications designedto enhance the user experience and provide access to existing and newservices. Opera is at the forefront of developing Web technologies for alltypes of devices and continues to support popular silicon andarchitectures."

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