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Opera and max communication to bring the Web to eviado set-top boxes

March 25, 2010

Oslo, Norway - March 25, 2010

Opera Software today announced its cooperation with max communication, the Germany-based trading house. max communication will launch a new eviado hybrid, HD set-top box for the retail market, featuring powerful Web technology from the Opera Devices SDK.

With stringent support for emerging industry TV standards, including HbbTV and OIPF, the Opera Devices SDK is optimized for TV screens. Web technology is proven to be a fast and cost effective way to implement full Web browsing, create widgets (TV-Apps), support Over-the-Top (OTT) solutions and render on-screen content. The result is a premium, feature-rich experience with full support for next-generation Broadcast portals and services, such as ARD/ ZDF Mediathek, Tagesschau and ARTE.

"Due to Opera's support for standards such as HbbTV, Ce-HTML and W3C, they were the best choice for bringing the full power of the Web to the eviado STBs," said Frank Zimnik, CTO, eviado. "With Opera technology, we are able to deliver next generation TV services right now, whether it is Video-on-Demand, new applications from third parties or simply full Web browsing from the TV screen."

"Opera running on eviado's hybrid HD STB is a masterful combination of the best in interactive TV today," said Lars Boilesen, CEO, Opera Software. "We have made it our priority to support recognized industry standards in order to enable new, Web-based content and services that meet the requirements of broadcasters and STB manufacturers."

Real-life example

Using Opera's technology, you can enable an existing, PC-only, Video-on-Demand (VoD) catalog and bring this content to a STB. By adding local subtitles to the thousands of VoD titles from online providers, the result is a purpose-built VoD catalog ready to address a global market.


The eviado set-top boxes with Opera will be released Q2/2010 and will be exclusively distributed by max communication.

About eviado

Visionary people, crafting solutions

eviado - the German cutting-edge technology company - offers a new world of home entertainment. Consumers will get in touch with web on TV in an easy way and will become a part of the most important overwhelming TV and media revolution ever. Partners will find an innovative way for customer retention.

Combining the worlds of web, television, music, social media and VoD, eviado is the real next generation TV. eviado understands how Web-on-TV works and is looking forward to the next steps into the future of television. The web and TV-Portal is provided by MMH netrange.

About max communication

As one of Europe's largest leading digital equipment supplier of its kind, max communication is looking back on a 20 years success story. In addition to receivers for all digital kind of transmissions, max communication offers the full range of reception equipment. Next to the distribution of well-reputated brands like FaVal, neuling and Chess, max offers the complete line of KAON receivers for the German market.

About Opera

Since its founding in 1996, Opera has been a pioneer in shaping the future of the internet. Providing faster and more innovative web browsers, Opera is the everyday browser of choice for more than 320 million people.

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