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CreNova with Opera

August 30, 2011

Oslo, Norway - August 30, 2011

CreNova Technology, supplier to worldwide top-tier OEMs and operators, has implemented an Opera-based HbbTV retail strategy across Europe. CreNova is offering set-top boxes that will enable consumers to access a range of advanced services, including interactive TV advertising, video on demand (VOD) and catch-up TV. CreNova bills its set-top boxes as offering a unique, modular system design that allows them to be tailored to meet individual customer requirements.

"It is clear that the future of the set-top box relies on delivering services such as catch-up TV and VOD in a user-friendly manner," said Metin Atalan, CEO, CreNova. "HbbTV offers an excellent opportunity to deliver new services in a hybrid environment. We selected Opera, as we found they deliver the best product and highest performance in the market."

"Opera offers a proven technology that has been shipped on millions of set-top boxes and TVs," said Frode Hernes, VP of Products, TV and Connected Devices, Opera Software. "This technology coupled with CreNova's know-how in set-top boxes, results in a ready-to-market HbbTV solution with a feature-rich user experience."

CreNova has a strong understanding of the set-top box market and is well-positioned to deliver a wide range of set-top boxes that can incorporate interactive new applications using the Opera HbbTV browser.

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