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Opera shows off: Create Professional Presentations in Minutes with the New Opera Show Generator

September 28, 2004

Oslo, Norway - September 28, 2004

Opera Software today announced the new Opera Show Generator, making it easier than ever to create light, portable presentations like a true Web professional. Free of charge, the Opera Show Generator requires no set-up or instructions. Simply paste or type in the content of your presentation and choose layout. By striking F11, your presentation is professionally displayed in the Opera browser through the integrated Opera Show feature.

First introduced in 2000, Opera Show has become a popular presentation tool among Web professionals looking for a better alternative to Microsoft's PowerPoint. Until now, creating professional Opera Show presentations required HTML programming skills, but the Opera Show Generator eliminates this need, enabling even the most inexperienced user to create high-quality presentations in minutes. Opera Show is cross-platform, faster, and easier to use than other types of presentation software. And because the Opera Show Generator saves your presentation as a compact XHTML file with an embedded CSS style sheet, sending it via e-mail or publishing it on the Web has never been easier.

"The Web browser is the most used and important software on computers today, and with all the powerful features integrated in the sleek and fast Opera browser, we are setting new standards for what a browser can and should do," says Jon S. von Tetzchner, CEO, Opera Software. "With Opera Show Generator, users can create professional presentations in minutes. They can easily move it from one operating system to another without having to worry about compatibility or file size, and it's instantly viewable in an e-mail or on the Web. Loaded with customizable easy-to-use features, the Opera browser has positioned itself as a true Internet power tool. By adding the Opera Show Generator we are making one more of Opera's advanced features accessible to more users."

The Opera Show Generator is available free of charge from Opera Show Centre.

Opera Software's CTO, HÃ¥kon Wium Lie, will be answering questions about Opera Show and the Opera Show Generator on Opera's Web site. Users are encouraged to send their questions to by Monday, October 4. The answers will be posted on soon.

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