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Opera 4.0 for Windows Released

June 27, 2000

Opera Software unleashes earth's fastest browser

New York, NY, PC Expo - June 28, 2000

Opera Software today unleashed the full version of its Web browser Opera 4.0 for Windows at PC Expo 2000. With Opera 4.0 for Windows users can fly the Web at unrivalled speed, combined with Opera's continued emphasis on user-friendliness, adherence to standards, and technological innovations.

"Opera 4.0 for Windows simply gives a better Internet experience," said Jon von Tetzchner, CEO and co-founder of Opera Software. "We estimate that around one and a half million people use Opera today, and this release will significantly increase that number. Opera 4.0 firmly places us as the premiere browsing option on the Internet today," he concluded.

Opera's speed, small footprint, and flexibility make it an obvious choice for the professional, while the ease of use and functionality benefit all levels of users.

"Opera has always prided itself in being the most standards-compliant browser," said Hakon W. Lie, Chief Technology Officer, Opera Software. "Especially interesting in this release is the implementation of CSS1 and 2, placing Opera well ahead of its competitors," he stated. CSS - Cascading Style Sheets - is a technology that improves the aesthetics and performance of Web pages, while also making content accessible to non-visual users. Lie is uniquely qualified to talk about CSS as he proposed the concept while working for the W3C, the Web's standardization body.

Opera for Windows 4.0 features an e-mail and news client, support for plug-ins, 128 bit encryption, TLS 1.0, SSL 2 and 3, CSS1, CSS2, XML, HTML 4.0, HTTP 1.1, ECMAScript and JavaScript 1.3. Also, Opera 4.0 has experimental support for WML which lets users surf WAP sites directly from their desktops. Opera 4.0 for Windows supports Sun's free Java Plug-in 1.3.

Opera has until now been known as "the third browser" on Windows. It has achieved this position with limited expenditures on marketing, only relying on enthusiastic users and journalists spreading the word. In the last year the company has raised capital, and added personnel in marketing, sales, and R and D. Opera's small size, low resource consumption and cross platform core positions it as a major contender in the rapidly expanding Internet device market. Apart from Windows, Opera is also developing browsers for the Linux, EPOC, Mac, and BeOS platforms.

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