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Lack of mobile connectivity is biggest fear of Indian travelers

July 20, 2016

Travel has become an intrinsic part of young Indians' lives. To most people, travel means “vacation", a temporary break from reality, often to some place warm and exotic. While traditionally this has been a time to disconnect and recharge, a new survey by Opera and Wudstay reveals that lack of mobile connectivity is the biggest fear of Indian travelers today.

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690 crore rupees in data savings for Indian Opera Mini users

New Delhi - July 14, 2016

Users of the Opera Mini mobile browser saved 40,135,582 GB (36K Terabytes) of data in one year*, according to an analysis of the behavior of Opera Mini users in India. The saved data is worth INR 690 crore when calculated on the basis of 1 GB costing INR 173 on average. Opera Mini’s compression technology shrinks data by up to 90%, helping users save data.

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Opera TV Launches Next-Generation OTT TV App Technology

Oslo, Norway - July 14, 2016

Opera TV today announced the launch of the latest update to its next-generation TV app technology, Opera TV Snap 3.0.

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Extra discounts in 18 online stores for Opera users in Harboldan

Jakarta, Indonesia - June 24, 2016

Opera will celebrate Ramadan by offering discounts to shoppers as part of Hari Belanja Online Ramadan (Harboldan/Ramadan Online Shopping Day) 2016. As a supporting partner, leading internet-services company Opera offers discounts to shoppers with voucher code SHOPWITHOPERA at Zalora, Lazada, Brand Outlet, MatahariMall, Asmaraku, Harga Hot, Muslimarket, VIP Plaza, Zataru, Sociovit and Tororo.

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Unlimited premium apps and games for Android users in Indonesia with Opera

Jakarta, Indonesia - June 23, 2016

XL and Hutchison 3 Indonesia (Tri) users in Indonesia can now download as many premium apps and games as they like with Opera Apps Club, an “all-you-can-eat” subscription service for Android apps. With this subscription, smartphone users will not have to worry about in-app purchases and advertisements.

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