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Extra discounts in 18 online stores for Opera users in Harboldan

Jakarta, Indonesia - June 24, 2016

Opera will celebrate Ramadan by offering discounts to shoppers as part of Hari Belanja Online Ramadan (Harboldan/Ramadan Online Shopping Day) 2016. As a supporting partner, leading internet-services company Opera offers discounts to shoppers with voucher code SHOPWITHOPERA at Zalora, Lazada, Brand Outlet, MatahariMall, Asmaraku, Harga Hot, Muslimarket, VIP Plaza, Zataru, Sociovit and Tororo.

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Unlimited premium apps and games for Android users in Indonesia with Opera

Jakarta, Indonesia - June 23, 2016

XL and Hutchison 3 Indonesia (Tri) users in Indonesia can now download as many premium apps and games as they like with Opera Apps Club, an “all-you-can-eat” subscription service for Android apps. With this subscription, smartphone users will not have to worry about in-app purchases and advertisements.

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Opera’s ad blocker launches on all mobile platforms

Oslo, Norway - June 16, 2016

Opera’s ad blocker is now available on all mobile platforms. The built-in feature has today landed in the Opera Mini browsers for iOS and Windows Phone, as well as the Opera browser for Android.

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Samsung and Opera help Vietnamese users save mobile data on Galaxy J5 and Galaxy J7

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam - June 10, 2016

Opera and Samsung have worked together to bring the ultra data saving (UDS) feature to Vietnam on Galaxy J5 and Galaxy J7 smartphones. This feature provides up to 50% savings on data and also frees up to 11% RAM. Users of the Galaxy J5 and Galaxy J7 can get more enjoyment online for video and music streaming.

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New battery saver in Opera extends battery life and reduces laptop overheating

Oslo, Norway - June 8, 2016

A new battery saver feature is ready today in Opera for computers. Test results show that, once enabled, it extends a laptop’s battery life by up to 50%, while keeping the laptop cooler. Reducing overheating is especially important during the summer months when people travel with their laptops.

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