Opera’s company FAQ

Frequently asked questions

About Opera

What is Opera?

When was Opera founded?

What is Opera's vision?

Where is Opera located?

What companies make up the Opera Group?

What are Opera's products?

How many people are using Opera?

How does Opera make money?

How has increased competition in the browser market affected the market and Opera?

Is Opera a publicly-listed company?

Opera's browser technology

Is Opera a secure browser?

What is Opera Turbo?

What is video boost?

What is the Discover feature?

What is the difference between Opera Mini and Opera for Android?

Is Opera available for my phone?

What is Mobile Classic?

Is Opera planning to open source its browser?

Why does Opera find it important to follow open standards?

What is Opera's position on patents and intellectual property rights?

Does Opera for computers support extensions?

Do Opera browsers support Java?

Does Opera for Android support Flash?

How are passwords stored?


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