How to use SD template

  1. Download a Photoshop template here.
  2. Open the template file in Photoshop. 

  3. Fint “Edit me!” layer at the Layers panel.

  4. Choose “Edit Contents” from layer’s context menu. 

  5. Place your logo or icon on the icon's boundary box or choose one of the default icon from hidden layers. 

  6. Change fill color of the background layer to your brand color. Or pick another default background from hidden layers. 

  7. Save the Smart Object document and switch to the template file. All sizes of Speed Dial will be automatically updated. You can also preview your Speed Dial on start screen of Opera Mini. 

  8. You need to edit the favicon manually. Don’t use the same version as for Speed Dial. Favicon is too small for that. 

  9. Open menu item "File > Export > Save for Web" to export assets. 

  10. In the dialog window just press “Save…” button. 

  11. On the next step make sure that the “All User Slices” option is selected. 

  12. As a result you will get 4 PNG files of the Speed Dial in different sizes.