Operator products and solutions

Operator solutions

Opera has the products, tools and solutions that allow operators to offer the most compelling mobile experiences.

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Operator solutions

Operator solutions

Enable better mobile internet access for your users, improve your monetization possibilities and manage your network traffic more efficiently with Opera's cloud-based products for mobile operators.

Opera Subscription Mobile Store

Subscription Mobile Store

This open catalog features thousands of premium apps available for your customers to browse and download for one all-you can-eat subscription fee.

Opera Sponsored Web Pass

Sponsored Web Pass

Sponsored Web Pass makes it easy for operators to team up with brands to sponsor the cost of their customers' mobile internet access.

Opera Web Pass

Opera Web Pass

Opera Web Pass enables operators to provide easy-to-understand, affordable mobile internet-access offerings by leveraging the Opera Mini platform.

Opera Max for Operators

Opera Max for operators

Opera Max helps operators deliver a terrific user experience while giving their users up to 50% more capacity in their data plans at no additional cost.

Rocket Marketer

Rocket Marketer

Rocket Marketer enables operators to easily distribute offers, facilitate content discovery and monetize with highly targeted in-session advertising and messaging.

Rocket Optimizer

Rocket Optimizer

Rocket Optimizer provides operators with huge cost savings, elastic capacity and the ability to enhance QoE on a per-stream level.


Rocket Insights

Rocket Insights lets operators quantify the impact of video and other data on their networks via a scalable, flexible analytics dashboard. If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it.


Opera Mini for operators

Opera Mini for operators enables operators to provide a high-quality browsing experience across their device portfolios, while managing data-delivery costs.