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As the “cord-cutting” trend gains momentum among TV viewers, consumers are seeking out supplements and even alternatives to traditional pay TV offerings. Viewers are using their media players, consoles and Smart TVs that serve OTT content to watch their favorite shows online — giving them the power to decide what they watch and when.
By investing in a powerful, flexible, standards-compliant and scalable presentation engine like the Opera Devices SDK, operators can easily deploy their portals across all their devices. Plus, by adding the Opera TV Store, an app-store solution that can be co-branded and seamlessly integrated with an existing middleware solution, operators can provide a TV offering that adds value for their customers.
By making their TV offerings a more user-centric and content-rich viewing experience, operators have the opportunity to win back their customers, as well as attract new ones.
Operators can monetize their existing or new inventories with Opera Mediaworks, the world’s largest mobile advertisement platform, to open up new revenue opportunities through advertisements, premium apps, VOD services, and co-branding and service promotions.


As popular web services for TV move in the direction of HTML5, and new web standards for TV rapidly emerge, OEMs need to embrace these new standards to reduce barriers to deployment and shorten time to market.
HTML5 is an open web standard for interactive multimedia content that Opera Software has supported for a long time. HTML5 is winning commitment from internet working groups, content providers and end-product developers. Emerging standards for connected-TV services, such as the pan-European Hybrid Broadcast and Broadband TV (HbbTV), are also working to incorporate HTML5 for delivery of broadband content.
The Opera Devices SDK provides the ideal foundation for developing connected, interactive TV solutions by combining web apps and full internet browsing with emerging standards.
For more than a decade, the Opera Devices SDK has unleashed the power of the web on millions of TVs, set-top boxes, portable media players and other devices, around the globe.


The key for brands to survive in today’s competitive, social-driven and technologically advanced world is to stay connected with their consumers. By partnering with Opera and our app-store solution, the Opera TV Store, brands can engage with premium users in an entirely new way. As early movers, brands take advantage of the relatively uncrowded TV app market place, guaranteeing higher visibility and capitalizing on the buzz around connected TV.
Opera’s app-store solution is already deployed globally with six of the world’s biggest TV and connected-device manufacturers. The Opera TV Store has already become a differentiator in the market by emphasizing content quality over quantity. Launching your brand’s app for the Opera TV Store is simple, straightforward and painless and — most importantly — costs you nothing.
Together with Opera Mediaworks, the world’s leading mobile-advertising platform, we can help you effectively monetize and drive traffic to your content, through an end-to-end advertising solution, including pre-roll and post-roll advertisements.


These tools will help you create web content for TV, build your own Opera TV Store apps and easily develop, debug and test them: