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As an established global player with an international reach, Opera Software provides a gateway for users to discover and use the content, services and apps they need and want. Opera offers options to help you reach the right users and to help the right users find you across several platforms for content distribution: desktop, mobile, and TV and devices.


You can increase brand awareness and drive traffic to content partners’ web properties with the Opera browser. The Opera desktop browser offers multiple content distribution paths — Speed Dial, Speed Dial promotion in the +Dialog Box and search. Speed Dial allows you to promote services with direct, one-click access to websites, and a customized thumbnail serves as a visual tease to push your logo or content to users. Our dynamic Speed Dial feature takes the Speed Dial concept one step further by allowing you to customize how your site appears in its Speed Dial entry, giving you the ability to tailor the appearance to show your site as an icon or as specific content, all reloading at intervals you set. Speed Dial Extension promotion in the +Dialog Box helps you to effortlessly get your brand and website promoted with special functionalities to all existing Opera users. Develop your own Speed Dial Extension and get it approved to be listed in Opera's add-ons catalog. Search is one of the most frequently used features and gives you a great opportunity to engage users while offering them specialized search options. A custom search can be placed in the drop-down search menu or directly on the Speed Dial page.


Opera Mini, the world’s most popular cloud-based mobile browser, lets you distribute your content via Speed Dial. You can customize Speed Dial entries with localized, preinstalled content. Speed Dial placement is instantly visible every time the user opens a new webpage (or tab). It provides one-click access to your content directly from the browser, and the prominent placement of the visual logo and bookmark attracts click-through. Get your mobile app listed and distributed in the Opera Mobile Store, across platforms to millions of Opera Mini users.

Connected TV devices

The Opera TV Store is a distribution platform for TV optimized web apps. It allows content providers to distribute their apps to millions of consumers directly via their TV sets. Approved TV apps from content providers will be placed in the TV grid and categorized according to region, device or app category. Learn more about how you can distribute TV content on Opera TV Store.