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Partner with Opera and let your voice be heard

Why Opera?

First and foremost - reach. Opera provides content publishers with the rare ability to target a diverse user base of over 350 million users speaking 46 different languages. Four exciting platforms are available to bring your content to Opera products and services.

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Opera TV Store

Opera TV Store

The key for content publishers looking to be seen in today’s competitive, socially-driven and technologically-advanced marketplace is to stay connected with consumers on every screen. By partnering with Opera and our connected-TV marketplace, the Opera TV Store, publishers & brands can engage with connected-TV users on the biggest screen in the house. As early movers, Opera partners can take advantage of the relatively uncrowded TV-app marketplace.

Opera Mobile Store

Opera Mobile Store

With over 300,000 apps across 7,500 mobile device models, the Opera Mobile Store lets you focus your apps on the exact geographies you wish to target. It's also extremely popular: surpassing 100 million monthly visitors, it’s the third-largest app storefront in the world. Join over 40,000 developers and help your game or app stand out from the rest by joining the platform-independent Opera Mobile Store, which is also available for operators to market under their own brand names as the Opera Subscription Mobile Store.

Mobile Browsers

Mobile browsers

Let the world's most popular cloud-based browser connect you with over 270 million mobile users across iOS, Android and other platforms. You can distribute your content via Speed Dial - which is instantly visible to users around the world when a new page is opened. We can localize your preinstalled content to provide 1-click access directly from the Opera Mini and Opera browsers.


Opera for computers

Get some face time with users on their computers. With over 51 million users worldwide, Opera for computers showcases your brand or content every time a new tab or window is opened, via a customized thumbnail on its Speed Dial, providing a visual tease to push your content directly to users. Our dynamic Speed Dial allows you to customize how your site appears on users' home pages.