Opera’s vision

We are shaping an open, connected world

  • We champion an open internet
  • We strive to bring the web to everyone
  • We enable content and commerce
  • We create value through partnerships
  • We shape with love and craftsmanship

We believe that an open, connected world — powered by great technology and services — is essential to break down barriers that limit access to information, education and fun.

Our culture is playful, people-centric and innovation-driven, and our goal is to improve communication for the benefit of everyone.

Ethical Code of Conduct
This code has been put in place to help employees, clients and business partners understand Opera's values and standards.

Download (PDF)


We believe in respect for our users

Users have, since the beginning, shaped Opera’s features and spread the word to the uninitiated. Thanks to this interaction, Opera exists and thrives today, both as an organization and as a technology leader. Opera will never forget that our main focus is the user.

We believe in an internet that preserves cultural diversity.

The internet should not eradicate cultural differences. As in life, the internet provides richer experiences when people from all over the world meet and learn from each other in mutual respect. Opera will make every effort to promote cultural diversity and make our products available in as many languages as possible.

We believe in security.

The internet gathers people from all walks of life, carrying with them different intentions as well as experiences. Opera will do everything possible to maintain the highest possible level of security for all netizens, so they can navigate without fear of being compromised.

We believe in a standards-driven web that promotes access by all.

Because we believe web interoperability is the key to innovation on the internet, Opera makes real cross-platform standards support a reality across our mobile, desktop and home media devices. As a longtime member and supporter of the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), Opera strives to develop smaller, faster, friendlier and more secure products that are consistent with W3C’s open standards and principles.

We do not believe web interoperability is furthered or encouraged by overreaching software patents. As a member of the W3C’s Patents and Standards Interest Group, Opera has committed to making patentable technology available to the internet community under royalty-free circumstances, ensuring that our focus remains on innovating for all.

We believe in good employment.

Opera’s employees are our most valuable resource. Opera will interact with our employees in the same way as we strive to interact with our customers: following the highest ethical standards and respect of individuality.

We believe in privacy.

We will always employ the highest ethical standards when dealing with our customers’ private information. Opera is licensing our internet products, not our customers.

We believe in social responsibility.

Opera will only thrive in an environment where every care is taken to act as a responsible netizen. Opera will strive to always act as a pillar of social responsibility in everything we do.

Opera promises to always endeavor to adhere to the aforementioned principles, so all Opera-code will abide by the five S’s: speed, size, security, standards compliance and state of the art. In doing so, we seek the help and guidance of the internet community. 

Opera Environmental Policy

Opera understands the importance of supporting the environment. For this reason, we have adopted an environmental policy to indicate the company’s mission of preventing any negative environmental impact of our activities.

Opera shall:

  • Act according to environmental laws to limit the environmental burden on earth, air, water and ecosystem.
  • Commit to using environmentally safe products in the workplace.
  • Educate staff about company environmental regulations.
  • Evaluate the consumption of energy and other resources to determine means of control.
  • Ensure the development of environmentally protective procedures.