Working at Opera

Working at Opera Software

At Opera, we believe that we can make a difference. From developers and programmers to our office staff, Opera has a highly dedicated international team working together to produce the most innovative Web technology. Each day presents new opportunities to shape the future of the Web and reach out to our users.

If you are driven, creative and want to work in a relaxed, yet upbeat working environment, Opera is for you! We offer our employees a positive and fun work atmosphere where their voices matter. At Opera, it is possible for our employees to brainstorm for an hour while playing ping pong, and the only glass barriers you will find are the ones lining our spacious and open offices.

Top reasons to work for Opera

Your work matters: Your work can make a difference. There is nothing more rewarding than knowing that your efforts contribute to a greater cause that is important to millions of Internet users.

Work with the best: You never stop learning. Every day you will have new opportunities to share your knowledge and experiences with some of the world’s leading IT minds.

Be happy: We realize that a happy team is a motivated team. From Friday-night beers to warm lunches and cocoa, our employees are always trying to find excuses not to leave work.

Create history: Opera is an innovative company that prides itself on the ability to create the latest Web technologies.

Be international: We have 15 different office locations all over the world, and we encourage our staff members to stay in another office location for a limited period of time to experience somewhere different.

You are number one: We really mean it when we say that our employees are our first priority.

Mix work and play: Every day is casual Friday at Opera. It is hard to separate work from play at Opera. With a fun and informal atmosphere, our team is constantly swapping their mouse pads for a ping-pong paddle.

Unleash your potential: There are no glass ceilings at Opera. We want our employees to realize their full potential by offering them the best opportunities.

Set the standard: Our employees are the leaders in their fields. Rather than following the crowd, they set the leading standard in Web technology and innovation.