Backend / Python Developer

Department: Product Development

Location(s): Wroclaw

Opera Software seeks experienced Python developers to join our Web Services team and help us continue our innovation and growth in the browser market. Opera is leveraging an almost 20-year history as a browser vendor shaping our new desktop and mobile products developed for PC, iOS, Android and other platforms.


  • Take initiative and ensure a timely delivery.
  • Develop new services and add features to variety of systems.
  • Take part in overall design and architecture discussions.
  • Participate in and contribute to all parts of the development.
  • Adapt to and learn new technologies.
  • Prioritize what is relevant and important.
  • Understand and act upon the needs of your internal users (developers, QA, managers).


  • BS or MS in Computer Science or relevant experience
  • Fluency in English, written and spoken
  • Strong knowledge of Python
  • Ability to write high quality, maintainable and performant Pythonic code
  • Experience in Linux
  • Good understanding of web protocols like HTTP or TCP/IP
  • Strong knowledge about algorithms, data structures and databases


  • Web framework experience
  • NoSQL database experience
  • HTTP server management experience
  • Experienced with other automation tools, e.g., Puppet

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