Let your users feel unlimited with Opera Max

Opera Max gives device makers the opportunity to build deep, trusted relationships with their customers and provides those customers with unprecedented control over their individual mobile data usage. Opera Max users get up to 50% more data across most apps and browsers, while actually consuming the same amount as before, thanks to Opera’s market-leading video and data compression technology. This provides enormous brand-loyalty potential, since the value of a device now goes well beyond the hardware.

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Opera Max

Savings across the entire smartphone

Opera Max provides savings across virtually all apps and browsers on a device, helping users get more out of their smartphones and keeping them watching, surfing and socializing longer.

Opera Max

Give your customers control

Now, users of your devices can manage their individual app experience to get more out of their data plans, easily configuring them within Opera Max’s simple app dashboard.

Opera Max

A better video experience

Help your customers save data through compression - including mobile video. Videos start faster and have far less buffering than on competing devices without Opera Max.

Opera Max

Deep, actionable analytics

Simplify your preloading and marketing decisions, and view the aggregated data of what happens on your devices after they leave the box.