Is your online video content ready for prime time?

Opera TV Snap allows you to create a Smart TV app with free distribution on millions of devices worldwide using your existing online video content on your JWPlayer video channel.

Get started

Create a Smart TV app from your  JWPlayer video catalog fast and for free.

Seamless integration between your JWPlayer video catalog and Opera TV Snap.

Monetize your video content using your existing or Opera's own advertising solution.

Free distribution on leading Smart TV, blu-ray player and set-top box manufacturers worldwide.

No development time or costs are required.




Seamless integration

There's no need to worry about manually uploading all of your online videos to the Opera TV. Opera TV Snap dynamically loads all the videos from your JWPlayer video channel into your new Smart TV app.

Keep your brand in front

You can ensure your branding is always visible by including a customized background and your company logo as part of your TV app.

Monetize your content

You can easily earn money from your content by displaying pre- & post-roll advertisements within your TV app, using your existing or Opera's own advertising solution.