What is The Opera TV Certification Program?

Develop and deploy certified TV applications on tens of millions Opera TV-powered devices

Currently, OTT app developers lack a unified approach to develop, test, verify and certify their HTML5 apps across connected TV devices spanning multiple vendors and industries due to each having different flavors of video streaming and HTML5 capabilities. 

Opera TV’s open platform approach is solving the problem facing most developers of OTT services by providing a certification program to easily build and deploy OTT apps to work instantly across the Opera TV-powered device ecosystem.


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HMTL5: Unifying and simplifying app development for Connected TVs

As the world's largest HTML5 TV ecosystem, shipped on more than 40 million devices each year, Opera TV takes the lead in harmonizing the creation, verification and distribution of OTT video content for Connected TV devices. The program is aligned with Opera TV’s latest HTML5 SDK and consists of two key parts:

Application certification provides tools and documentation for app developers and certifies that the app is compatible with Opera-powered devices. This streamlines development efforts and reduces the time-to-market from months to weeks.

Device certification provides device manufacturers and operators with a test suite to ensure their devices, embedded with Opera TV’s latest SDK, comply with device specifications. This significantly shortens the time to bring numerous top-tier, complex applications to the device.  

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The Opera TV Certification Program unites HTML5-based apps into one unified, coherent ecosystem that is market-ready at the silicon level. It provides developers with unprecedented access to specifications and documentation for many connected TV platforms, simple-to-use developer tools such as emulators and code snippets, and access to a global support team of experts in Europe, North America and Asia.

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