smw-ph_1438098364074_block_0The Philippines used to be known as the text-messaging capital of the world. Now, with easier internet access and higher smartphone adoption, our findings indicate that the country has transformed into the most social nation.

According to our latest the State of the Mobile Web report, mobile internet users in the Philippines tend to visit social-networking sites more than other sites. In total, 86% of page views from Opera Mini mobile browser users in the Philippines are social-networking sites — the highest percentage among Opera Mini’s top-50 user countries, worldwide. This report is based on aggregated information obtained from Opera Mini servers. In June 2015, the servers processed 24,575 TB of data and served over 160 billion pages. More than 250 million people around the world use Opera Mini for a faster web experience and to get the most out of their mobile data usage.

The Philippines represents the eighth-largest Opera Mini user base in the world and is the second-largest in Southeast Asia. The user base increased by 41% over the past year, while its smartphone user base surged by 90%.

With the unstoppable adoption of smartphones, people are spending more time accessing the web on their mobile devices. For the first time, we took a deeper look at this socially active country to find out the browsing preference of these mobile-savvy users. Here are the highlights:

Mobile web usage is growing in the Philippines

The number of page views increased by 62% in a year. Each Opera Mini user browses 638 webpages on average per month. This rate is higher than the that of overall Opera Mini users, which is 615 pages.

It’s all about social

Mobile internet users in the Philippines have highest social-media activity in the world. A total of 86% of the page views by Opera Mini users in the Philippines are on social-networking sites, the highest percentage among the top-50 Opera Mini user countries. Facebook clearly dominates. Twitter, WordPress, tumblr, Pinterest, and Flirchi also feature in the list of the top-20, most visited sites.

Smartphones are now used by over half of Filipino mobile web users

More than half of the Filipinos who browse with Opera Mini do so on smartphones. The smartphone adoption rate in this country has grown from 41% to 55% over the past year. Android has received the highest share of smartphone platforms, with over 90 % and going strong. The number of Opera Mini users on Android devices grew by 91% in the Philippines between June 2014 and June 2015. Also, Android users browse more online. Page views have grown by 141%. Each Opera Mini for Android user in the Philippines browses 699 pages on average, more than users on other platforms.

Local phone brands are becoming mainstream

Local smartphone brands are catching up and gaining market share. A breakdown of the top-100 mobile devices preferred by Opera Mini users shows that Cherry Mobile has overtaken Samsung, with a 27% market share. Another local brand, MyPhone, has 8%. The total market share of these two local smartphone brands is 35%, higher than Nokia’s 31%.

Growing interest in society and fashion

In addition to social-networking sites, search and watching videos are also important activities for Opera Mini users in the Philippines. Websites such as Google and YouTube are in the top-three most visited websites list of Philippines, as is the case across the world. However, we also found that page views of Society and Fashion sites, had grown by 232% and 82%, respectively, within the past year, indicating the growing interest of Filipino mobile internet users in these two categories of content.


Top 20 most visited sites in the Philippines

1.     Facebook

2.     Google

3.     YouTube

4.     Wikipedia

5.     Yahoo

6.     Twitter

7.     WordPress

8.     tumblr


10.  AZlyrics

11.  Wattpad




15.  Metrolyrics

16.  Pinterest

17.  Gmanetwork


19.  Softonic

20.  Flirchi

About the report & methodology

Information contained in this report is based on aggregated information obtained from Opera Mini servers. The security and privacy of people who use Opera Mini is of paramount importance, and we safeguard the trust they give us. Our privacy policy is available here.

The data presented in the “Growth” part represents people who have downloaded Opera Mini in the Philippines.

All content analysis is based on a review of the top sites ranked according to the number of unique visitors in Philippines. The designation of sites to specific categories has been done with local content experts who followed Opera’s guidelines to characterize each site.

Due to the explicit and potentially offensive nature of their contents, adults-only sites have been excluded from our analysis.

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