• More than 30 million Indonesian use Opera Mini
  • Smartphone penetration is on the rise
  • Android is the fastest growing platform

Indonesia is home to the second-largest Opera Mini community in the world, after India. More than 30 million Indonesians access the web with the Opera Mini browser.

Opera Software’s State of the Mobile Web report is based on aggregated information from Opera’s servers and offers a snapshot of the browsing behavior of Opera Mini users in Indonesia between July 2013 and July 2014.

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Smartphone growth

The number of Opera Mini users on Android phones grew by 156% in Indonesia, between July 2013 and July 2014. This staggering rate makes Android the fastest growing platform in the region.

Opera Mini iOS users grew by 71% during the same period, followed by BlackBerry, with 54%.

During this period, the number of Opera Mini users on smartphones grew by 154%, while smartphone penetration jumped from 10% to 30%.

Samsung wins hearts

The list of top ten devices used in Indonesia reveals that Samsung still has a strong position. A break down of the top 100 Android devices preferred by Opera Mini users, shows that Samsung has 42% market share, followed by local brand Advan with 13%, Sony with 11%, Smartfren with 10% and EVERCOSS with 9%.

More eyes on politics

In the year leading up to the presidential election, Indonesian users of the Opera Mini browser showed preference for domains related to Law, Government, and Politics.

The mobile web became an important way for Indonesians to participate in public life. The presidential election encourage Opera Mini users to access content related to law, government, and politics. 59% of all searches were under these categories.

Traffic spiked during the presidential election, as Indonesians crowded blogs and forums to discuss and share ideas and opinion, and to show support for their preferred candidates. Local online communities and forum discussion boards Kompasiana and Kaskus had significant user growth at 102% and 86%, respectively.

Other popular content Opera Mini users accessed during this period was in the General search category (22%) and the Business category (17%).

Liputan6 and Tribunnews enjoy highest user growth during the election

The growth trend also spilled over to news portals where Opera Mini users got their latest news and updates about the election. Liputan6.com experienced the highest user growth compared to last year with 269% increase of users, followed by Tribunnews.com, with 125% increase.

The top five news portals for Opera Mini users in Indonesia over the past year were Detik.com, Liputan6.com, Kompas.com, Tribunnews.com and Merdeka.com.

Web usage high on Android

Opera Mini users on Android phones viewed 1,225 pages on average during the election period, which is 53% higher than Opera Mini user on other operating systems.

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