Did you know that hundreds of millions of people in the world today are still living without basic access to books? In many countries, books are expensive or access is limited to classrooms or libraries that are underfunded or lacking relevant, up-to-date titles.

Nearly a third of Africa’s population actively uses the internet; 7 out of 10 users access it via mobile. Mobile plays a vital role in giving people access to information online, especially in developing markets like Africa, where sometimes the only way to get online is via people’s mobile phones. With the Opera Mini mobile browser, we’re helping to connect the unconnected by breaking down mobile internet access barriers like expensive mobile data plans and poor network conditions.

In May this year, Opera launched a partnership with Worldreader to help distribute free digital books and learning materials to children, students and families across Africa through Opera’s already popular mobile internet browser, Opera Mini. Students in 34 countries across the continent can now easily access 25,000 of the best titles from Worldreader’s book-publishing partners via a mobile phone, with just one click. Through access to digital books, people are empowered to read and to learn, helping to eradicate illiteracy and opening doors to education, health and opportunities.

“Reading is a human right that one billion people can’t yet enjoy,” says David Risher, CEO and Co-Founder of Worldreader. “Worldreader and Opera are working together to make sure that books – and the power within them – are available to every single person on the planet to help them reach their full potential.”

To date, the Worldreader-Opera partnership has reached 5 million people in 34 countries across Africa. Worldreader shares Opera’s belief that creating a sustainable, educated and connected world is possible through partnerships and long-lasting solutions.  

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